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Apr 3, 2008 04:37 PM

Elmo cake in RI or south eastern MA?

I`m trying to locate a good bakery that makes a Elmo birthday cake or other characters or themes aimed at a 2 year old boy. Any suggestions?

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  1. lookup Sin Desserts in
    providence, great looking cakes, but haven"t tried them

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    1. re: harryharry

      Thanks for the tip Harry, great looking cakes but they don`t have what I`m looking for.

    2. Hi... I made one for my nieces. Not that hard with simple tools if you have a little artistic ability. You could also buy an elmo figure and place it on a colorful cake. That can look really cute.

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        Almost forgot...Wright's Dairy Farm in North Smithfield has awesome cakes-
        and Konditor Meister

        Couple more I found, but do not know

      2. I am cringing to admit this.... : ) But we did a LOT of looking for the Elmo cake. The cutest one we found was actually AT BJ's. I must have called at LEAST 10 bakeries. Anyway, the cake is a street, with Elmo in a car and Big Bird is towing him. I had them do all primary color letters & numbers along the side. You can do a filling too. We did yellow cake w/ raspberry filling. The funny part was that everyone wanted to know where we got it It was very cute. We also bought the SESAME STREET cupcake stand from our local grocery store (the Big Y) bakery. (it is an oversized cardboard stand that looks like the actual Sesame Street...Hooper's store, the Fix it Shop...Oscar's can...etc. It holds about 20 cupcakes and comes with Sesame Street cardboard character heads to put on top of the cupcakes. I think Stop & Shop or Shaw's might have it. You can have the supermarket make the cupcakes for you, or you can make them yourself.

        1. You could try All Occasions by Gini (401) 781-2783 on Budlong Road in Cranston.

          1. Forgot to mention that the bakeries that WERE willing to do the elmo cake wer simply using an "elmo pan" type mold. It was uneventful! Also....the cupcake stand was a HUGE hit, but we bought it at Price Chopper (super market in Putnam CT)...not The Big Y. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!