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Best Risotto in Dallas

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Since I just came home from Italy where every place you walk into has it I am craving it. I do make it at home but sometimes it's nice to just to be able to go out and order a big bowl of it.

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  1. Mi Piaci makes a pretty decent Risotto. The Risotto at Taverna is also pretty much spot on and very reasonable I might add.

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      I like the risottos at Taverna as well. Taverna is pretty good about letting you switch things around as well.

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        I feel the intense need to piggyback on the Taverna recommendation as every one of their menu risottos has been borderline devine in my experience--especially the al Parmigiano All’ Olio Tartufato whose recipe I'd do terrible things for. Augment ethereal experience with the Taverna Focaccia and copious red wine.

    2. Mercury Grill has a really good wild mushroom risotto (with white truffle oil) on their dinner menu as an entree although I've asked for and received it in a appetizer portion before.

      1. Made some great Risotto at a Central Market cooking class this past weekend. Lots of fresh herbs and lots of stirring.

        1. Ounce Prime Steakhouse in Addison...you can choose your own ingredients.....