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Apr 3, 2008 04:20 PM

New Place on Queen East and Curzon?

I was strolling by Curzon St on Queen East this morning and noticed a liquor license application for the old Medical Building on the north west corner.

Does anyone have any info as to what this is going to be??

I would love for it to be a pub with an outdoor patio......we definitely need one in the area for the summer!


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  1. Its not anything yet. The owners are getting it prepped to rent out as a full resto/bar but there are no takers yet. I don't think they'd be able to use the patio because of the noise they create and its across from a seniors residence. Gio's had the same problem

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    1. re: jeastfull

      It's now open! It looks like a bar/lounge type space. Not sure if they serve food. I walked by last week and it also had a sign that it was cash only :( It was pretty empty except for a couple of guys at the bar (who I suspected owned the place or worked there).

      What I'm more interested in is the old Queen Cafe next door. They have a sign in the window that says "DINER, COMING SOON". Anyone have the scoop?

      1. re: Mintycake

        The bar is called the Curzon. I hear that they will be serving food in the next month or two. Great lounge space for drinks, and very much needed in the 'hood.