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Apr 3, 2008 04:03 PM

Free meal! Need your help!

My friend will be taking me out for my b-day and we have to stay in the loop and immediate vicinity. Any recs? I am looking for something like The Gage, but I have been there numerous times. Price: $15-$20 entrees. Cusine: American, Italian, Seafood. Nothing too ethnic as my dining partner is not *too* adventurous.

On a separate note, I just learned my wonderful husband made an Alinea reservation for my b-day this Saturday - yeah!!!!! Has anyone been there recently? I read that Grant Achatz is battling cancer :( and wonder if he is still over-seeing the kitchen / menu.


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    enjoy alinea!

    i dunno about 'like the gage' but does sepia on jefferson count as in the loop? its a bit further west, i know i know. that's where i'd recommend. elsewhere 'in the loop' i've heard 312 is pretty good from friends, and tavern at the park in milennium might be nice, esp if its nice weather-wise. im not a huge fan of trattoria no. 10 but it is not bad, and metromix lists custom house as in the loop too...though i think its a bit far. happy bday!

    1. Happily, Grant Achatz's cancer is in remission (basically means it's cured unless and until it shows up again) - hooray! So yes, he's still in charge. Hope you had a great meal!