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Apr 3, 2008 03:58 PM

Mystic/Groton CT with high school kids?

I'm taking a group of 8 high school kids (ages 17-18) on a field trip to Mystic in a few weeks. I don't think any of them have really been to New England before (we're coming from PA and some are international students), and I'd like to take them somewhere inexpensive, but also delicious. (i.e. not McDonalds)

We're looking for lunch on Saturday in Groton, and for dinner on Sunday we probably need some sort of take-out near Mystic that they can eat in the van. (The other meals are taken care of. I'm not starving them.)

Caveats: not Mystic Pizza (but good pizza is OK); and the kids are paying for these two meals, so inexpensive is very important.

Are there any seafood places that fit the bill? (I know seafood is expensive, but I'm not looking for oysters or fancy sushi or anything. Just fresh fish.)


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  1. I think Paul's pasta serves lunch in Groton. Not expensive at all. Rice, Spice & Noodles is great Thai food in Mystic. That might work as take-out.

    1. Welcome to Southern New England. Try Go Fish in "Olde Mystic Village." Here is their site: They have great appetizers, soups, salads, reasonable sushi rolls, a raw bar (try the sampler) and, of course, fresh fish. The place is lively and is a few feet from Mystic Aquarium, a movie theater and several boutique shops.

      1. I'm a big fan of Capt. Scott's Lobster Dock in New London. It's a bit tricky to find but much more reasonable than most Mystic area seafood shacks and every bit as good. Abbott's out in Noank is also good but more expensive and not any easier to find. The Sea Swirl in Mystic is good but very expensive. I'm not sure if any of these places are open yet.

        1. The newest pizza place in Mystic is great. It's called Pizzetta and it's at 7 Water Street, right downtown, Groton side of Mystic.

          1. There is a clam shack on the road between the Aquarium and Mystic center... I'm sure someone can help me out with the name...(not Sea Swirl) it's mostly fried.. they have seafood - clam, lobster rolls etc... and hot dogs/burgers for those kids not inclined... it's all take out, outdoor picnic tables on the river... If they are open it could be a great classic New England...not too expensive spot for teens... in a pretty setting

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              I don't think the outdoor spots are open until it gets a bit warmer.

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                Good news, the clam shack LenaNE mentioned was open for business today!

                1. re: Alica

                  If you mean the Sea View snack bar I wouldn't be overly thrilled. The prices are lower than the Sea Swirl down the road but there is a good reason why. The Sea View is mediocre on a good day.

                  1. re: pbanjo

                    I am not overly thrilled, I never eat at either place, but Birlyfive wanted to find an inexpensive (and good) seafood place, that is open and it seems like a hard one to find.