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Best sushi downtown, take-out/delivery

I know there are thousands of threads on sushi. I'm not looking for the world's greatest though. I live in the Yonge/College area and am looking for suggestions on where to get good takeout/delivery in the area (I will walk a bit, so no worries). We normally go to Kokyo, but they are doing renovations and are closed (dammit!).

Any places will fairly good sushi/best sushi you can get in the general vicinity? Thanx guys. Gotta grab din dins for 9:30 and am looking for help!

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  1. I work at Yonge and College and we all swear by Daily Sushi. On Carlton just east of Yonge beside the Carlton theatre. I don't know if they deliver.

    1. i move to second Daily Sushi, and i think that Daio across the street from there is also fairly delicious. Daily Sushi is less expensive and i am fairly certain it does deliver, but i am not sure about Daio. you can get takeaway from both places i think.

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        oh, and Tokyo Sushi on St Joseph, under the grey-and-pink condominium building... it has excellent sushi available for takeaway.

      2. You have a few options. The aforementioned Daily Sushi does delivery. There is also Sushi Sky on the west side of Yonge just north of College. They have take-out, delivery, very reasonable prices, and are of reasonable quality. Daio on the south side of Carlton about a half block east of Yonge doesn't deliver, but they do terrific take-out both as fixed dinners and platters of sushi, or maki, or sashimi.

        Of these 3, Daio blows the other two away. It is amongst the most pleasant sushi experiences I've had in Toronto and I've had many. It is also the most consistent in terms of quality and service. I very highly recommend it.

        Daio Japanese Restaurant
        45 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5B2H9, CA

        Daily Sushi Japanese Restaurant
        20 Carlton, Toronto, ON M5B1K5, CA

        Sushi Sky Japanese Restaurant
        478 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y1X5, CA

        1. Without a doubt Tokyo Sushi on St. Joseph St. is the best in the area. There is a small eat in area and they have good take out service and I belive they do deliver. 33 St. Joseph St. 416-513-0002.

          Japango on Elizabeth St. just south of Dundas is pretty good too.

          I would stay away from Sushi Sky.

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            Oh yes, Tokyo Sushi. Not exactly walking distance. Have you tried Daio, ach?

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              Haven't tried Daio. The next time I am going to The Carlton Theatre I'll try it.
              But, it is definitely worth the extra couple blocks walk to Tokyo Sushi for their super fresh sashimi and inventive rolls.

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              Sushi Sky didn't seem that bad at all for the price point, maybe I missed something. I've had much worse and paid more.

            3. Sushi Plaza on the west side of Church just north of Gerrard has Sushi take out - I don't know if they do delivery.

              1. I second Japango and Tokyo Sushi... Both offer very fresh fish. There's also Mt. Sinai Sushi. I haven't been there in a while but from what I remember they have a wide variety of creative rolls if you're into that but I wouldn't recommend it for quality sashimi and sushi. It's a tiny Korean-run joint a couple of steps west of Yonge and Grosvenor. And I'd also stay the crap out out of Sushi Sky...

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                  Just ordered from Daily Sushi. I was a little aprehensive because there is no website or menu to look at but I decided to trust the recs above. We usually order from Sushi Garden but they don't deliver after 10 pm and we just HAD TO HAVE some sushi tonight....

                  We got a total of three rolls to share between the two of us and loved them! The taste, the freshness, the quality....even the really friendly delivery guy all made this our new go to delivery sushi spot!

                  Thanks so much for the recommendations! It's nice to count on the people on CH who share this wealth of info!

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                    interestingly, i found out on friday that they have a website here:

                    it is basic, but has a menu and info and all that good stuff.

                2. For those that have recommended Tokyo Sushi, does anyone know if it's the same owner as the Tokyo Sushi on Bayview, south of Eglinton? Lately, I've been overwhelmingly pleased with the take-out/delivery sushi from Fukui Sushi on Bayview but the other day, I noticed a Tokyo Sushi on the same stretch and wondered if it was the same as the one being rec'd. here. Thanks.

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                    I do not believe the owner or Tokyo Sushi on St. Joseph owns the one at Bayview, south of Eglinton. They do do the sushi for the Sutton Place Hotel room service orders.

                  2. Japango has got to be the best sushi downtown that isn't overly priced (ala Nami, Hiro). It's not cheap but it's much better than most of the run of the mill places around Yonge/College. I put their sushi bar up against any (and I mean any) in town and their kitchen is very good too. I actually like them better than Kaji (yes, I have been to Kaji ... more than once). Kaji is great but those prices and the trip out??!! Then again, I live north of the city.

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                      My vote is for Sushi Marche. A little take out place that has the freshest sushi, make with lots of TLC. It is by Queen and Pape. Try it to believe it, but .. just remember it is a small establishment, so make sure you give them ample time for them to prepare for take out!! The owner once worked for the Iron Chef, and his sushi is uber uber yummy!!!!

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                        I heartily second this rec (just had it this Saturday too), but I think mega_munchies might not walk so far for takeout.

                        It's priced very reasonably considering the level of skill and quality of fish, the latter being incredibly fresh with rotating fish/seafood specials of the day. Definitely call ahead or be prepared to wait around 30-40 minutes during dinner rush.

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                          I third Sushi Marche. One warning though...call an hour ahead of when you want to eat!

                          If you don't want to wait though, Daio, and Daily Sushi rock. I used to eat Daily Sushi takeout once a week when I lived at Yonge/College.

                    2. Avoid Mochizuki on Bay between Dundas and College.

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                        True, Mochizuki's sushi is some of the worst in that area, the rice is hard, fish is not fresh. Sushi Q has better sushi !

                        Mochizuki is not Japanese owned, no ?

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                          Pardon the interruption, but we've removed some off-topic responses about the ethnicity of the owners/staff of local Japanese restaurants. Please help us keep the focus here on the chow.


                      2. Sushi on bloor is decent
                        LIke for fast..take out.....lots of food for cheap..

                        1. It's all about Tokyo Kitchen, 20 Charles st by Yonge. Hands down the best you're going to get around there. They also cook up a mean omlette with beef curry. Awesome! No bathroom is kind of wierd though

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                            I went to Daio recently and was unimpressed. We only stopped in for maki rolls before a movie, so maybe they're better in other areas. But for basically the same order at a similar price at Japango, the rolls were packed with fresher tasting fish. Daio was all rice.

                            And the service was sloooowww. I understand preparing the food might take a while, but even getting their attention for a drink order and the bill was a challenge. And their were only two occupied tables in the place.

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                              Well Daio isn't meant to be a quick'n'easy and/or take-out place. Apparently its a family-owned restaurant, so I'd imagine it attempts to be a little more traditional and sit-down with its atmosphere. I did notice that the service was a tad slow but hmm I wouldn't have said inattentive.

                              I liked it just because they have some offerings on the menu you won't find at a take out place, and along with the other intangibles like the atmosphere and a good Japanese liquor selection I still believe based on my experience that, overall, it's a decent and authentic Japanese restaurant, although not everyone will be looking for or in need of the extras. Based on the chirashi sushi and gyoza I ate I'd go back in a heartbeat.

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                                Tried out Daio today (Tuesday), or rather tried to try out Daio. Went there at 11;30 for lunch...was told politely that they had just opened and that the chef would not be arriving for 15-20 minutes...we could wait or come back then if we wanted. Went across the street to Daily Sushi and had an unimpressive lunch (and the place was packed by Noon}. That folks is my experience with Japanese food at College and Yonge!! I won't be hurrying back.

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                                  That's too bad, T Long. I've never known chef to be anything other than disciplined so I imagine whatever made him late must have been a doozy.

                                  I hope you give Daio another shot next time you're in the neighbourhood. Keep in mind that it isn't a destination resto. It's just a really good and cosnsistent place to go if you happen to be nearby.