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Apr 3, 2008 03:51 PM

great seafood in wrightsville beach?

any recommendations for seafood in wri
ghtsville beach

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  1. South Beach Grill is good and where most locals go. I've had great seafood at the Bridge Tender. IMHO, Crystal Pier has the best crab cakes and the best view. Jerry's and Portland Grille are a couple more that you might want to try. What are you looking for and price range?

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    1. re: webvanman

      I'm just looking for great seafood and don't really care about the price if the food is outstanding

      1. re: northerngirl

        If price is no object, Portland Grille should be your first choice. It is highly regarded by most food critics. Everybody should go there at least once. If you had another night, I would try South Beach since that is where the locals go. Personally, I think Bridge Tender has the best seafood. They get most of thier fish from Motts, a local seafood dealer who usually has the freshest seafood in WB. Good luck and let us know how your meals were.

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      1. I second South Beach Grill...its outstanding. I've been totally underwhelmed by the food at Oceanic (Crystal Pier). For a casual and fun place, Dockside is good...great view and atmosphere, and generally decent food. I had a mahi-mahi po boy there last week that was actually very good.