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Apr 3, 2008 03:50 PM

Dinner Recomendations for Saturday

My husband's birthday is Saturday and I would like to take him somewhere great for dinner. The catch is that there will be 7 of us & 3 of the seven are children (ages 9, 7 and 9 months). My stepkids (the 9 & 7 year olds) are pretty good eaters & are very well behaved so that's not too much of an issue but they are a bit picky. Looking for something relatively kid friendly (no Indian or anything too spicy) but better than the usual chain restaurants. We would also need a high chair. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edited to say that this is for Calgary......Sorry!

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  1. Any particular city you have in mind?

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    1. I think the Moroccon Castle could be fun for you guys, great setting for a birthday, and a lot of fun for the kids.

      1. We've taken the kids to Thomsons at the Hyatt quite a few times for brunch and for dinner. They have a kid's menu and high chairs AND a nice menu for Mom & Dad. Not a chain per se, but not a no-way-are-your-kids-coming-in-here place either. Bonus: comp parking EDIT:....ooooh waaait a sec, the Junos! Nevermind...the Hyatt will probably be impossible to get to. Hmmm...I'm heading to the FlightDeck bar & grill friday with the family, they just opened this week and are claiming to be family friendly...I can report back but that would be rather short notice.

        *ack* ok other places coming to mind at the moment that are family friendly and aren't in the core are all breakfast/brunch places... Cora's, Nellie's, or hey Diner Deluxe does dinner too don't they? Ok so not high end but still family friendly! (FYI 15% grat for parties of 7 or more, parties of 8+ will be seated at separate tables, BYOW $15/bottle corkage).

        Well...that was a bit disorganized of consciousness from a rather tired mother of three what can I say?

        Let me know where you end up DH's birthday is in May :)

        1. How about Chinese? There were plenty of kids at Golden Inn when we were there for Chinese New Year, and the food was amazing.

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            We do Chinese alot. We just found out that my stepdaughter has a shellfish allergy which makes me a little scared to take her out for Chinese. I've heard that many people with seafood allergies have cross-contamination issues at Chinese restaurants.

          2. DT will be crazy with the Juno party starting today. If you live down south you might want to try Newport Grill on Bonavista Lake, Broken Plate, Bolero, Bills or Ginger Beef House. SOME of the Private (some allow dinner guests) or Semi-Private golf clubs have great menus, as well as a great view. Most have a family dining room, high chairs and Chefs that do the summer/winter resort circut and have a fresh flavor. I would check out Heritage Pointe, Canyon Meadows, Elbow Valley or one of the several other courses off of Highway 8.

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              Speaking of golf clubs, Priddis Greens gets rave reviews.