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Apr 3, 2008 03:44 PM

Louisiana Swamp Thing and Crawfish Festival

It's this weekend downtown. Is it worth going for the food? There isn't much information about how much the food will cost, after you pay the $15 door. I'm betting the concessions will be pricey and mostly poor quality. But how about the crawfish boil?

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  1. skip it. expensive, super long lines for any of the really good stuff. just go hang out on the Alligator Grill patio or something.

    1. You really go for the music now. THere are a ton of good bands for $15, the food is ok for fair type food, but the lines are usually so long it's not worth it.

      1. Buddy of mine won some tickets so I ended up there last night.

        The smells of spice and seafood took me back to NOLA, but one bite of the food and I was quickly reminded where I actually was.

        Lines at most of the vendors are not too bad actually, except for the one vendor who seemed to have the deepest menu, with the most items of interest. They were also the only one with a softshell poboy, and I unfortunately didn't bother with their line to find out how it was, despite the fact that that was what I wanted all day.

        I had a catfish poboy ($6) at another place which was pretty small, though not too bad. Cornmeal crusted, fried quite well and probably not much before I scarfed it down. It was an unwieldy bastard though, and if you like yours dressed, you have to help yourself to the tepid tomatoes and lettuce in the condiment tubs. Comes with some tartare sauce. Not bad, not really worth it either though.

        The bugs actually looked pretty good and big, though I didn't end up trying them. $7/lb.

        I was mildly craving some crawfish etouffe, but got derailed due to beer and lines. Ended up eating some shrimp gumbo, which was more like micro-shrimp (U5000) rice soup. Pretty terrible. $6.

        Overall, still pretty fun though. Might not be the best place for kids when it gets late -- I saw a bad fight where some poor sap got his block knocked off.

        George Clinton looked much better than previous times I've seen him. He looked better than my gumbo.

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          Good to hear your trip on the Mothership was a successful one.Hope you were on the business end of a big hug from Bootsy Collins at some point in the festivities.

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            Do they still have it on the blacktop parking lot with absolutely no shade? We took the kids a couple of years ago and it was like being in a frying pan.

            1. re: addlepated

              Yep, sounds like the same place. I didn't feel the need to go early in the day, but I bet it was scorchin'. And now that you mention it, the other thing to note is the lack of seating areas -- you're pretty much relegated to the little 'curbs' that accompany each parking spot. So if one feels the need to sit, best be bringing some chairs.

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