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Apr 3, 2008 03:23 PM

recommendations for chinese noodle soup?

My first post (yay!), because I'm desperate: Can anyone recommend a place for good Northern Chinese noodles/noodle soup? I've been to the the Taiwanese noodle place in FiDi (eh) and a bunch of places in Inner Richmond and the Geary/Taylor area near Union Square. But nothing has satisfied my craving for home. I like Legendary Noodle when I go to Vancouver (but the owner is Shanghai-nese, which was interesting), so is there anywhere in the San Francisco area that's like that?

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  1. Welcome.

    Can you say more about which places you've tried and why you haven't liked them?

    I like the very spicy Sichuanese noodle soup at Sam Lok / Z&Y in Chinatown, the QQ noodles soup at the Beijing style Kingdom of Dumplings, and I loved the Taiwanese spicy beef noodle soup at ASJ in San Jose, if you're willing to schlep for soup.

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      links, sorry

      ASJ Restaurant
      1698 Hostetter Rd, San Jose, CA 95131

      Kingdom of Dumpling
      1713 Taraval St, San Francisco, CA

      Z & Y
      655 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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        Does anyone know the hours for Kingdom of Dumpling? Their website does not have this info. Are they open for lunch on weekdays?


      2. re: david kaplan

        Does Z&Y still have the Yunanese dishes, like the "crossing bridge" rice noodle? I had that back in 2003 maybe, it was excellent.

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          yes, they still have it. Still yummy and with good services.

      3. Here's a classic that doesn't get mentioned much: San Wang. It's Shan Dong, which may or may not be what you'd consider "Northern Chinese" but their spicy noodle soup features their hand-pulled noodles (I think it's the only place in the city that has hand-pulled (not hand-cut) noodles).

        San Wang Restaurant
        1682 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115

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        1. re: Ruth Lafler

          cool, have you tried it Ruth & what do you think of it?

        2. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

          David, I've tried Tea Garden in FiDi (not my favorite - the noodles are too chewy, the soup is waaay to salty, and didn't taste too fresh). The other ones I've tried in Inner Richmond (honestly, I don't remember all the names) and the ones near Union Square all tend toward Vietnamese noodle soup. I actually love Vietnamese noodle soup, but wanted to find something that was more ... home-y (for me).

          But now I have to try everyone's suggestions. I welcome more!

          1. I 2nd the vote, and for the recommendation of Kingdom of Dumpling for SF.

            Their noodle soup bowls are supremely homey. The owner told us that their noodle soup broth is made from scratch with bones, no MSG, cooked for four hours and contains mushrooms. For some reason they added some white pepper in it, but it was one of the best clear broths I've ever tasted, like a northern Chinese mom's cooking and flavor. Freshly made noodles went very well with the broth. Can't go wrong with beef tendon (thinly sliced) or northern style won tons (aka huan duan). I'm told the owners are from Hebei province although some may say otherwise.