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Apr 3, 2008 03:19 PM

Coming to Orlando. Good events in May?

Howdie! I'll be visiting Orlando in May (from California) and am looking cool things to do, places to eat - things that locals do. Perhaps there's a must-see farmer's market or a cool area/restaurant I should go to? Where I live, during spring the local parks have "movie nights" that are a big community affair. I'm looking for cool things like that and figured fellow Chowhounds would know best. Thanks so much!

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  1. I'll start with the movies and work from there. We don't have the big movies in the park like you do out in CA, but we do have the following:

    The Enzian hosts Popcorn flicks in Winter Park's Central Park, dates and shows vary.

    Dexters (Orlando's "original wine bar") hosts Cafe Shorts, which are inside, nice when it gets too hot and buggy. The don't hold them regularly, but when they do details are on the Dexters site.

    Depending on when you are coming in during May, Leu Botanical Gardens has great events.

    The "date nights" have movies and the "strolls" have live bands (Jazz, big band, etc) and you can tour the lit up gardens, bring a blanket and a picnic...people go all out. Plenty of great take out places near by to take and go to the gardens. Hubby and I hit the V'day Stroll when we can, we love it. (OK to bring in wine to the gardens!!


    There are lots of great Farmers Markets downtown and surrounding areas, all host Farmers markets are held on the weekends, weather permitting.

    Winter Park (Saturday, 7am-1pm)

    College Park (At the Wellesley, Saturdays 9am-1pm

    Sanford (Saturday from 9 am- ? pm

    Downtown Orlando, "Eola Market" (Sundays 10am-4pm

    Maitland (Sunday's, 8 am-2pm

    Cool places to eat downtown:

    Fifi's Bistro and Wine Bar:

    Midnight Blue:



    Taste, College Park

    Harmoni Market (College Park, opening Downtown this summer

    And of course, the Flower and Garden festival is happening at Epcot now through the end of May.

    Enjoy and let us know if you are looking for other things to do!

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      There is going to be a Beer Tasting Festival in the middle of May. Definitely going to be cool.

      And the best new restaurant in town is definitely The Ravenous Pig:

      Also, definitely hit up Park Ave. in Winter Park for weekend window shopping and late lunch at 310:

      Have fun!!

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        Wow. Thanks so much! These are all really great recommendations.