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Knife Sharpening - found - Philly burbs

I'd been searching for some time for someone to sharpen our knives in the MontCo area - when DH thought to ask at a Williams Sonoma at the mall. They referred us to Kitchen Kapers on 309 in the Shoppes at English Village. They don't do them there, but send them out. it takes about a week and is $4 per blade. Our knives are lethal sharp and we're very happy.

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  1. That is great information! I live 5 minutes from there. There used to be a guy on County Line Road who sharpened. I will look to see if he is still there next time I am over that way.

    1. There was a discussion about this last year. I mentioned that I had gotten mine sharpened at Sur La Table, and they do it in store. You can leave them for a few hours, and then pick them up. Pretty convenient.

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          There is one at the Promenade on Route 73 in Marlton. It's an upscale outside shopping 'mall', and there are a few restaurants and many other shops there as well. I met some friend for lunch there and we dropped off our knives, had lunch, went back and they were done. And they were sharp as heck. I heard there is also a Sur La Table in PA over in the Brinton Lake area on Route 1/202 near Chadds Ford (?)
          I'll admit I am intrigued about the idea of having the traveling knife sharpener come to the house...

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          I've used him and he does a fabulous job. If you don't have a lot of knives, join in with your neighbors. I had around 6 and that was plenty. Highly recommend him.

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            I just contacted them and they no longer "come to you." Rather, only mail order now.

          2. I can also recommend Berwyn Hardware on Lancaster Avenue in... you guessed it, Berwyn. Sharpening takes about a week, cheap, and the best service in the world. 610-644-0275

            Berwyn Hardware
            618 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, PA

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              VERY sorry to report Berwyn Hardware is going out of business after ... at least 30 years. A true loss for the area. Independent, locally-owned business, fair prices, good advice, the best service anywhere. Best wishes to all those "graduating" from BHW to, hopefully, other decent jobs.

            2. I have used a Chef's Choice electric sharpener for many years
              It is very easy to use and puts a sharp edge of my knives
              It was top rated by Cooks Illustrated. You can sharpen your
              knives whenever you want.

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                That is the one my husband purchased. He really likes it and it does a great job.

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                  I've been using Chef's Choice for about 5 years and don't see a need for anything else. I did use the guy on County Line Road in Warrington (can't remember the name) and liked his work but figured with 2 sharpenings with the Chef's Choice I'd be ahead of the game.

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                    I remember the name of the guy on County Line Road - The Village Grinder!

                2. I took mine to Kitchen Kapers but was disappointed that they returned the serrated knife to me, unsharpened without telling me they didn't do them. He tried to tell me that no one sharpens serrated knives...

                  I use a person who Henckels recommended to me - Ken Leonard. His address is 13507 Riverton Dr. Midlothian, VA 23113-3723 and I've ALWAYS been very happy. He will return your knives to you the first time in a box with a foam insert, so you can reuse it the next time. It's $4 per, and $10 S&H. I know it's not local, but he's just wonderful.

                  1. Both Foster's Homeware and Fante's in the Italian market do knife sharpening. Both are same day and often while u wait

                    1. Do thee places sharpen Japanese knives as well?

                      1. IMO, nothing beats a good stone and plain old water. It takes a little practice, but after you get the hang of it, you can have those knives razor sharp. Having a knife sharpening service do it often takes lots of metal off the blade. At my first restaurant job at age 15, they had a service that would take 1 set and exchange it for another every 2 weeks. I used to watch as a chef's knife got eventually ground down into a boning knife!

                        1. The place on County Line is now a hardwood floor place -- but there is a sign on the door about knife sharpening. Next door is a very good sushi place, Harsume.

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                            Faraco Knife sharpening in Souderton area, They've been around forever.

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                              John, Do you mean Faraco on Buck Rd in Pennsburg?

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                                Yes that's it. Sorry I knew it was around there somewhere. :)

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                              ??? Shelbyroo, what town is this, or what cross streets is it near, please? There are quite a number of County Line Roads in this area, which can make for some confusion. :-) Thanks!