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Apr 3, 2008 03:05 PM

One not necessarily Tex-Mex meal in Austin?

Like lbonn, I'm heading to Austin for work, and I'll be there next Thursday night. I'm in charge of finding a place to eat, and the Tex-Mex thread has been very helpful in giving some ideas for that type of food--but what about other authentic Austin options? I'd like to present some good options for my colleagues, and would appreciate any "inside tips!"

Thanks ahead of time!

PS Also, we're planning an evening pub crawl, to hear some great local music at a few different places--any good suggestions there too?

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  1. For upscale and fun, and not too far from downtown, search this board for reports on Uchi, Vespaio, Wink, Jeffrey's, Jezebel, Cibo, Starlite, Aquarelle, and Lambert's.

    For bbq, assuming you're limited to Austin city limits, search for Sam's, House Park, Ruby's [not Rudy's], Ben's Longbranch (now defunct?). (Also include Lambert's, which is both upscale and bbq.)

    For soul food & southern home cooking (with some New Orleans influence), search for Tony's Southern Comfort, Nubian Queen Lola's, Galloway's, Gene's New Orleans, Arkie's, Mrs. B's, and Reggie's.

    For music and pubs, you probably have to hit the Red River / 6th zone, doing Mohawk, Side Bar, Club DeVille, Emo's, Beerland, Lovejoy's, and Casino el Camino. If you want to trip your posse out, insist on burgers at Camino. If there is someone you don't like in your group, tell them that "the joke is to be rude to the counter guys -- they act gruff, but they totally like it when you treat them really rude. Call them names and stuff!" (I assure you, hilarity will ensue.) Warning: Casino burgers take 45 minutes. Send the guy you don't like to check if they're ready.

    Best of luck and happy hunting!