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Two Questions: Electrolux Double Oven and cleaning stainless steel stoves

Hi everyone,

I'm in the middle of the planning stages of my kitchen remodel. Because of space considerations, and the desire to have the occasional use of two ovens, I had settled on one of the GE Profile Double Ovens contained in a single oven platform.

You can see a link here: http://www.geappliances.com/products/...

When I was shopping recently, however, I discovered that Electrolux has begun a huge rollout of kitchen appliances. From what I've read, they've been one of the leading European appliance manufacturers for the past 70 years, best known in the States for their vacuum cleaners. The new Electrolux seems to blow the GE Profile out of the water (at least through it's appearances, which everyone knows can be deceiving). I'm wondering if anyone on Chowhound has any experience with these ovens. I'm leaning heavily towards this--it looks like it has all the functions I would ever want, plus some, and it's aesthetically very pleasing.

You can check it out here, if you're curious:


As well as at the Electrolux website here:


The one downside for me is the fact that the top is stainless steel...I'm a messy cook! :-)

Those of you who have stainless steel, how difficult is it to clean? As I've been contemplating it, I've thought that perhaps a good idea would be to use one of those hand held steam powered cleaners with the varying nozzles to get the caked on gunk off without resorting to using a scotch pad that might mar the surface.

I'd appreciate any feedback, and thanks ahead of time!

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  1. OY!

    Let's see:

    New to the US.
    Lots of high-tech electronics.
    Odd ALL SS top. (typical prostyle ranges use a matte black top as SS is not the ideal material for the top)
    Luxury-this & luxury-that.

    This things has "over-priced, troubleprone, hard to get parts, impossible to clean" written all over it.

    Now, I could be wrong, and they could turn out to be the Lexus of appliances, but if it was my money I'd hold off a few years until they have a track record. I wouldn't worry about them getting more expensive, 'cause I've got a feeling that the competition from the pro-style ranges will keep them from moving the price up, and there are an awful lot (too many... Samsung? LG?) companies in the appliance business...

    1. I can't help with any Electrolux comments, but I recently bought a stainless steel cooktop. It cleans easily with a warm soapy sponge even if the spills are from the day before. If I feel like polishing it, I just use a microfiber cloth. The cooktop surface is a solid piece of formed stainless, with sealed burners. No panels with crevices.

      Never use any thing abrasive on stainless.

      I was a little nervous about buying another relatively new import, the Bertazzoni, but it's been flawless. However it's a simple gas cooktop, with no electronics other than the ignitors. I'd try to find some reviews in the countries where Electrolux has been around for a while.

      1. Hi there,

        Well, Electrolux is the largest manufacturer of appliances....IN THE WORLD. (For the past 80+ years)...

        I sell their appliances, and I've been in this biz for over 20 years, even owning my own appliance retail store.

        I can tell you this: Electrolux appliances are built very well, (solid)... and they offer features that GE (and other companies) could only dream of. For instance, Electrolux has very smooth, slow-closing oven doors (they do not slam shut), knobs are heavy, (sturdy steel), roller-bearing oven racks, 18K BTU Power boil burner, which can also go to a "simmer"...(this feature is only found on Viking, Wolf & Thermador ranges), "Perfect Turkey" setting (for use with meat probe), stainless top (easy to clean, AND only found on Bosch, Bertazzoni, & very high-end ranges).....Parts are VERY EASY to get, as well as repair....

        Yes, they may be fairly new to the US, BUT, don't let that trouble you. Frigidaire/Electrolux stand behind their products, and the company I now work for, have VERY FEW service issues with their products.

        Use a simple sponge & hot water (with mild soap) to clean the top, and stainless polish.....BTW: A hand-held steamer works wonders on anything in the house, including the range!

        Frigidaire / Electrolux seem to put a lot of thought behind their products, with very innovative features, sleek design, and good quality construction. Also seems like the folks at Frigidaire/Electrolux actually cook, and know how to design a functional, user friendly product based upon actual input from people.

        ....NO, I do not work for Electrolux, I just love their products, and think they offer the best bang for the buck in this price range. Not that there's anything wrong with GE, but, I'd take the new Electrolux ranges any day of the week!


        1. Will share my stainless steel cleaning tips. a) ALWAYS use non abrasive. b) a variety of things work well. Bar Keeper's friend, Simple Green bbq/grill cleaner foam, just plain soap and water, Orange Wipes with one side working as a degreaser. I clean by whichever method appeals for the moment and then always use a soft cloth to buff/polish. I have also used a ss polish which deters finger prints made by Mrs Meyers.

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            A paste of baking soda and H2O can work, too, when nothing else will.

          2. I have a stainless steel range. Almost everything wipes up easily with a soapy dish-cloth. Micro-fiber cloth or dry small-celled sponge works well to remove streaks. If there are severely baked-on stains around the burners, any sort of oven cleaner will do the trick to get them off. For best results (and this is regardless of stainless steel material or not) try to wipe up any spills before turning the burner on again, but that's not always possible.

            1. I have a Generous Electric contractor's special stove and I love the softly brushed SS stovetop. Easiest-to-clean (and purtiest) stovetop I've ever had. Just have a towel handy to wipe away any moisture residue. Pretty simple.

              My household cleaning powder of choice is Bon Ami ("Hasn't Scratched Yet") and it tackles any grease or dried food residue with ease. Usually all that's needed is a sponge moistened with TJ's dish liquid. Burnt grease near the ports will take a light buffing with a scotchbrite pad without ill effects to the SS finish. I wouldn't use steel wool however.

              Stovetop is now 18 yrs old and counting and looks like new. I recently went looking at upscale stoves and they are mostly poorly outfitted. The brushed stainless looks far too coarse to clean easily. If you are in doubt over a paticular stove, ask for a cleaning demo!

              1. We went with the Electrolux ICON series double wall oven and 36" gas cooktop



                We love them the cooktop has a glass surface below the burners and is rather easy to clean, we are messy too.

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                1. re: Eric in NJ

                  great looking stove top, but those 2-burner grids look heavy!

                  1. re: toodie jane

                    They aren't all that heavy. My wife who is pretty petite can move them out with no problem.

                2. Thanks for all the feedback--it's good to hear that stainless isn't any more difficult to keep clean as anything else. I've been talking to people I know who have stainless and they've said the same thing--more than anything else, it sounds like what should be done is what philverine said: clean it up before firing up the burners again.

                  I'm going to buy this oven. What clinched it for me was the fact that at Best Buy, I can get a five year extended warranty for only $100 which covers parts and labor. I have faith in their history in Europe, and obviously if they have the buying power to purchase Frigidaire, then they're doing something right. MLGB is right on: for the price range, this stove has features that GE can only dream about. I'm not generally sold on aesthetics alone, and that is secondary to this stove, but a bonus. Everything feels more substantial than on the GE Profile I was looking at, at every point. The burners, the grates, the oven door--basically top to bottom. It also has the lowest btu level for gas simmer burner that I've found on similarly priced ovens, all the way down to 450 btu's.

                  With the five year extended warranty, I'll have peace of mind to buy this...and of course give a full report when I have it installed. Though I'm purchasing it now, to lock in the price, I won't have it installed until probably July, when phase one of my kitchen remodel should be completed. I of course will give a full report once I put it through its paces.

                  Thanks for all the replies!

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                      I have considered the globalization of Electrolux. They closed a plant where I live, in west Michigan and moved the factory to Mexico. That weighed heavily on me as I thought about this, but apparently this stove that I'm purchasing is actually made in the USA, down in Georgia, whereas the GE Profile I was looking at is made in Mexico. That helped me make the choice. When the Frigidaire plant closed in Greenville, MI, I told myself I would never buy an Electrolux piece of equipment. However, knowing that it is made in the USA changed my mind and allowed me to consider this oven.

                    2. re: TboneDano

                      would you consider sharing the remodel with us? Photos?

                      1. re: TboneDano

                        I'm also going through a kitchen remodel and have been going crazy trying to decide what appliances to purchase. After a lot of shopping around, I am seriously considering electrolux appliances but I'm a little leary because they are so new and I can't seem to find any reviews on them. I was just wondering if you've found out any more info to help me feel more confident before I go and place my order this weekend! Also, does anyone know the difference between electrolux appliances and electrolux icon appliances?

                      2. I am curious how you made out with your Electrolux appliance. I am considering taking the plunge on the range, micro and dishwasher. Yeah they look great.....but who knows how they will perform. I have to say that my 11 year old Fridgidaire gallery range still works like a champ. Never had one service call on this appliance. Thanks.