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Apr 3, 2008 02:42 PM

Best Chile con Queso Dip ???


I am a Mexican Food aficionado and my favorite thing in a Mexican Restaurant is the non-traditional, yet American served Chile con Queso. I love it. However, not all Mexican Restaurants serve it, and some who do have less than desirable recipes.

I would love some opinions on great Mexican Restaurants where the queso dip was a must have. Below are 5 area restaurants where I approve and love the Chile con Queso:

Acapulcos (Framingham, Newton, Sudbury)
Cancun (off Rt 3 on the way to the Cape)
The Border Cafe in Cambridge
On the Border in Woburn
Moe's in a few locations - went to Shrewsbury/Worcester

These are generally thick, with poblano peppers and served with nice, warm tortilla chips!

Before Chi Chi's closed, I liked theirs as well.

So, any feedback would be appreciated!!!

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  1. Honestly, your list already mentions the only three places I know of in the area that serve queso (Acapulco, Border Cafe, On the Border), so I'm not sure if there ARE any others!

    1. Felipe's in Harvard Sq has some- it's not super thick, but I like it better than the one at Border Cafe. It actually tastes like it has beer in it or something!

      1. Never had chile con queso dip at any of the places you mention - in fact, I haven't been to most of the places you mention - but the White Trash Dip at Bukowski's in Inman Square sounds like a thinner version of what you're looking for.

        1. The queso is pretty good at Sierra's in Sudbury, but not as good as Acapulco's. Stay away from the queso at Daniela's in Acton and Framingham - totally greasy with low-quality cheese.

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            Thank you all for your feedback. I agree about Daniela's - I had it and was very disappointed. I have heard about Sierra's before but have never been. I will definitely try it!! Also, I plan to try Felipe's and Bukowski's - thanks!!!! =c)