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Apr 3, 2008 01:55 PM

Cupcake packaging?

I am participating in a bake sale this weekend. I'm making a variety of items and thought I'd capitalize on the cupcake fad by making cupcakes as well (it's even Cupcake Week on Martha). My problem is, I don't want to hand an unwrapped/unpackaged cupcake to the customer. Does anyone have any clever ideas for cheap packaging that won't damage or make a mess of the frosting? TIA

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  1. If you freeze them or let them sit out so the icing hardens, you should be able to wrap in plastic wrap pretty easily.

    Too bad it's this weekend. You might have been able to get a deal on these and then sell the cupcakes for $5 each or so, holder included:

    You still might be able to do that if there's a Crate & Barrel nearby.

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      FYI- holders are also sold at linens n' things and the container store- along with lots of other places.

    2. A bakery here in DC "wraps" them in parchment very cutely. THey place the cupcake in a good-sized square of parchment and wrap the sides up around the cake, using the stickiness of the sides of the frosting to hold it up. I found a picture and will paste it here. They actually usually leave the parchment a bit longer than this, so it protects the entire side of the cake. If you did this and then wrapped plastic around it, bunched at the top, it would probably work.

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        I've seen this on one of the cupcake blogs and it is really attractive way to package. Cheap and practical too. The points were a bit longer and more dramatic.

      2. A couple of ideas:

        since easter has passed, maybe there are mini easter baskets on clearance? They put that kind of stuff on sale at Cost Plus/World Market or even the 99 cent stores around LA (not sure where you're based). After placing a cupcake inside you could wrap with celophane.

        Martha Stewart had a template for creating open-top boxes in her Thanksgiving 2007 issue for guests to take home individual slices of leftover pie and cake. You might be able to use the template (on her website) to package them two by two or even alter it for a single cupcake. Again, you could wrap the open box in cellophane or even parchment. I also like the parchment idea that katecm shared above.

        1. I bought little cupcake boxes that hold four at a cooking store. Also, if you have a discount or wholesale type superstore, I saw some nice little boxes today and they were cheap, something like $7 for 50. How about a florist supply centre - they might have little boxes, too.

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          1. re: sarah galvin

            Can you tell me the name of the store where you saw the little boxes that were approx. $7 for $50?

            1. re: GSDlove

              I am in Calgary, Canada so not sure if available where you are. It was the real Canadian Wholesale club, but there is no membership fee. I didn't buy those but bought a bunch of other storage containers - cheap! I could always mail them to you.

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                Sarah, are they like this?

                Oops - my picture didn't attach. I'll try again.

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                  I think I might be going back to that store today and I'm going to buy a package. Then I'll try sending a picture. They are the little boxes that I have been given when buying at coffee shops or small bakeries. Have pictures of baking on them, I think.

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                    OMG, thank you! I can't wait to see them.

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                      I was dead tired and thought I would do this tomorrow, but your excitement made me feel guilty. I hope this works. The pink striped box, I bought at Homesense ( like Winners for the house and they were expensive $5 for 5) and they have an insert to hold cupcakes in place. The other coloured box is the one I was talking about. It might be a bit shallow at 2 3/4 inches deep. There was a larger size. It was CHEAP! $19.99 for 100! I also bought the clear one you see and it is like another poster had suggested. It has better height and is see through, which would show off the cupcakes. It measures 5 " square and 3.5 " deep. And also cheap at $7.49 for 50.

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                        Well, they be a couple of cupcakes LOL but not what I had intended to send. Let me try again

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                          Now I feel guilty you did this even though you were dead tired! Thank you so much for going out of your way for me - the picture is great. The pink box is perfect, unfortunately too pricy for bake sale/fund raiser purposes. I agree the other printed box, while very cute, might be too shallow. The clear one is perfect both in size and price. Since the bake sale is tomorrow and I'm in So Cal and those clear containers are in Calgary, I'm going to have to go with the parchment idea for now. I participate in bake sales regularly, so I will check around locally for those clear containers, but if I don't find any for sale, I'm going to have to take you up on your offer of getting them mailed from you. I'm going to try my local grocery store's deli/bakery section and a place called Smart & Final, and would welcome any other suggestions - I'm in South Orange County. Thanks again!

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                            I agree, the clear plastic is ideal. You must have a discount place where small 'mom and pop' stores and restaurants buy their supplies. Maybe check the yellow pages? Ask a caterer. They would definitely know where to buy this kind of thing. I think the parchment idea is nice and will keep that in mind for myself. Glad I could be of help!

            2. Buy a stack of pint sized (16oz) deli containers and use these upside down - the lid as the base for the cupcake and the bowl for the top - they work great.

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                  I think someone else came up with that idea - but maybe I was being brilliant one day!?