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Apr 3, 2008 01:48 PM

Places you go to because you like the owners

I doubt that I'm the first to wonder about this so there is probably an existing thread that covers this.

However, I've been reading Chowhound daily for months so I don't think there's a recent thread.

I live in the southern part of Rockville ("North Bethesda").

I love going to Ambrosia and Ize's Bagels. The food is fine...nothing exciting but I really, really, like the owners.

Do you have any favorites where you go there because of the staff?

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  1. Sushi Zen in Falls Church and India's in Annapolis, both have good food, and extremely nice owners/chefs.

    1. In your neck of the woods (Rockville/Bethesda), I have found the following proprietor-owned shops to have exceptionally friendly owners/staff:
      Mia's Pizza
      Tony Lin's
      Joe's Noodle
      Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu / Bob's Noodle 66
      Bobby's Crabcakes

      1. I can post on the opposite of this, which would be Primo Italiano in Reston. I boycotted starting a few years ago and continually have heard bad stories about the guy. Yesterday in fact, though, I heard he stopped interacting with customers and may not be there at all anymore, so maybe I'll go back - I miss the food.

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          Oh, but I do have to add Jimmy's in Herndon. You can feel as if you're at Jimmy's home, especially when there's any Buffalo team playing any sport on tv.

        2. Dino in Cleveland Park- good food but I really like Dean and Kay Gold, the owners, as well as all of the waitstaff.

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          1. I like the food at Hollywood East on the Boulevard (the menu is large enough for anybody to find something good that they like) but Jeanette, the owner, is so personable that she adds grace to place when she is there.