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Apr 3, 2008 01:46 PM

Sam's BBQ - Perceptor's Photo Report

another recommendation from Honey Bee.... Sam's BBQ on east 12th.....
i gotta tell ya... as my cab was stopping for Sam's bbq, i was kinda scared to get out... the restaurant looks like a shack.... there were couple dudes that were approaching our taxi but i dont think they even work for Sam's BBQ... but we did get out of the taxi and we had some DAMN GOOD MUTTON BBQ!!!! i have never had mutton bbq before... it was fatty, smokey, and insanely delicious...

Enjoy the photo report:

- Perceptor

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  1. Perceptor, come back to Austin any time; I've really enjoyed your photo reports. And next time when you hit Sam's, do it in true "Austin style" at 3 AM!

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    1. Not quite a husband and wife team. Wanda is the boss and pitmaster and is kin to the namesake Sam -- who is deceased. Aaron is the fellow, but is not related to Wanda or Sam, by marriage or otherwise.

      Nice photos.

      1. I agree with Tom--come back to Austin and hit Sam's about 3 am after a night of cocktails. Really hits the spot.
        Pereceptor, since it seems we share similar tastes in food, I am going to hit you up for recommendations in LA. I think work may be sending me out that way in a couple of months. I'll post on the LA board when I know for sure.

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        1. re: Honey Bee

          Honey Bee.... will definitely do my best to return the favor...

          for starters... do a search for Perceptor on the LA board... i have been posting my photo reports on there since ~2004

          1. re: Perceptor

            Excellent, I have really enjoyed your photo essays.

        2. Nice report, as always, Perceptor. Brings back great memories. As I've posted before, we did a BBQ taste-off around Austin during a family celebration a couple of years ago, and Sam's won hands-down that day. We loved the brisket -- moist, tender, smoky, just excellent. Chicken was good, ribs were about an hour away from being ready so we had to pass on them. Didn't know about the mutton -- next trip.

          1. Mmmm..Sams BBQ. There is nothing like it after a long night out. Glad you enjoyed it!