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Apr 3, 2008 01:34 PM

Best Chai Tea in WLA

My wife is thoroughly addicted to the Chai Tea at The Rose Cafe in Venice, but we've been unable to find any other acceptable alternatives in LA (RC often run out early in the day).

Can anyone recommend a great, authentic Chai anywhere else in our neck of the woods? In particular, we're looking for that spicy bite that Starbucks/Coffee Bean/Urth Caffe/Groundworks Chai is missing.

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  1. Coral Tree Cafe on San Vicente is good. Also, you can ask Peet's to brew chai for you with a side of steamed milk. Tasty.

    1. Is it really chai? I seriously doubt it because you mentioned authentic . . . I think you should try an Indian restaurant for authentic chai

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        Agree, I have only had Chai at Pakistani and Indian Restaurants (and at home). For me it is not a CharBucks, Whole Paycheck or Trader Joe's thing!

      2. i don't know about authenticity but i love a good spicy chai tea too and am really loyal to literati cafe's chai tea latte. it seems to be from a loose leaf tea blend rather from a syrup that the chains use. also, lupicia tea store at the century city mall sells a nice blend.

        1. I don't know how authentic it truly is, but for a good Chai Tea with a kick, try Lemon Moon Cafe on Olympic Blvd. I used to get one before work each day and by the end of the cup you could really taste the intensity in spices.

          Lemon Moon
          12200 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

          1. Teavana (Glendale Galleria, Sherman Oaks Fashion Square) sells a couple (3) really good loose leaf chais if you want to make it at home. They have a Masala Chai which is black tea, a rooibos chai which is red tea and a green chai. The rooibos chai is my favorite...spicy and yummy. Mix it with some warm vanilla soy milk that has been whizzed up with a frother and you have yourself a pretty good latte.