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Apr 3, 2008 01:30 PM

Tiki Bars in New York City Area?

Hi everyone,

With the whole new wave of tiki drink inspired cocktails entering the haute-bar scene, I wanted to try to experience the real deal. With both Trader Vic's closed, where else can a girl go for some real, honest-to-god, kitch-as-can-be tiki time?

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  1. otto's shrunken head on 14th pay a bit more for the tiki glass but its refundable i think.

    depends on the bartender but the mai tais are great...sometimes a bit too strong for my tastes.

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    1. re: sam1

      ahh but more fun to order a suffering bastard.

      more fun to order it that is, not necessarily to drink it ;)

    2. I've never been here myself, but my buddy and blogging partner swears by King Yum in Flushing. She recently posted about it here:

      1. Gonna have to second Otto's Shrunken Head on 14th. Expensive but strong tasty fruity drinks!

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        1. re: southern transplant

          Third for Otto's. I personally think that it's just kitschy enough, the drinks are phenomenal, and they're not even that expensive if you return the glasses at the end of the night (it just seems expensive b/c of the $5 deposit for each glass). That said, I usually end up keeping my glasses.

          Finally, extra bonus: you can order food to be delivered to the bar. Not many places in Manhattan are cool about that.

        2. There is Waikiki Wally's in the East Village, 2nd St. and 1st Ave I believe. Every 45 minutes or so the waitresses (and one waiter) stop serving to do a hula dance. Doesn't get much kitschier.