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Apr 3, 2008 01:21 PM

bluffer's park

Hi, has anyone tried the restaurant at Bluffer's Park Marina, recently? Just let me know, thanks.

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  1. Two summers ago...nothing special. Worth a bite if you've been sailing all day and are extremely hungry. A better bet is the Dog Fish pub (lower level). Basic pub grub, but a nice patio overlooking the marina

    1. Not recently, but I recall Bluffers Restaurant was nothing special as well. Not bad either. Stick to something simple such as the pork tenderloin or the chicken supreme and you'll be fine.

      What makes it great is the location, especially the patio on a warm night when there's a celestial show to watch. Due to it's location at the bottom of the bluffs, you don't get much of the "light noise" from the city. This makes sky watching particularly great.

      1. The patio is a great spot to have a drink and relax, but watch out for the gulls, they successfully used me as target practise one afternoon!

        1. I quite like their grilled food.

          The angus steaks are quite nice as well as the salmon.

          Best place for crabcakes.

          1. I've been for lunch and it was good.

            As an off-the-beaten-track idea, I'm thinking of visiting here for a birthday dinner. Has anyone been for dinner in the winter?