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Apr 3, 2008 12:59 PM

Where to find orgeat syrup

A while back there was a discussion on the Boston board of where to find the best Mai Tai, which included mention of the various ingredients in the drink. We are thinking about making Mai Tais for a "Tiki" get-together on Sunday, but not unless we can do it right. Does anyone know where to purchase orgeat syrup? Somerville/Cambridge area is ideal, but I can surely head elsewhere if need be. Thank you!!

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  1. According to the Torani product site, Roche Bros. and S&S carry their syrups. Give them a call. I'll take a look in Sevan & Arax when I stop by on my way home - they have many flavored syrups of which I have a few.

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      I bought 'Almond Syrup' at Arax... when I asked if it was similar to orgeat, no one had ever heard of orgeat... c'mon, what was I expecting!

      But I've made serviceable mai tai's with it, and there's enough for about 50,000 more in the bottle....

    2. We get ours from Polcari's Coffee on Salem Street in the North End. They have a large selection of Monin brand syrups. Fair warning: Monin calls their almond-flavored syrup by the Italian name, "orzata," not orgeat. Don't worry, it's the same thing.

      I'm sure someplace around carries Torani syrups, which are the other usual brand.

      Actually, Allstonian and I made up a batch of mai tais Tuesday night, inspired by the same recipe and the fact that we happened to have everything on the shelf already. They came out quite lovely.

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        Actually, what Polcari's carries is Ferrari (Ferrara?) brand. I believe that Dairy Fresh carries Monin, although Dairy Fresh closed for renovations about ten days ago.

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          As always, Allstonian is more correct than I: Polcari's carries Ferrara, not Monin. Regardless, I recommend this brand, because I find Torani syrup a bit too sweet.

          By the way, Slim, I just got off the phone with a guy at the Martignetti's on Soldier's Field Road. He said that the employees haven't been told that this store is closing, and that he's sure they wouldn't just drop something like that on them. So at least for the moment, this Martignetti's -- which is my go-to store for most things! -- is safe. Phew.

      2. Blanchard's in Allston carries it, if memory serves. I got my last bottle at Martignetti's in Brighton (for mai tais), but I believe that might be closed by now.

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          I believe it's only the North End Martignetti's that has closed - I know that someone just answered the phone at the Brighton location.

        2. Thanks, everyone. I happen to be headed to S&S this evening so I will check there. Otherwise I will try to hit the No End. We were at this great Tiki joint on Shelter Island in San Diego a few weeks ago - Bali Hai - which made its Mai Tais with no fruit juices at all - just rum, orgeat syrup and I think a squeeze of lime. This is what we were planning on. Is there another way? Would you (BFP) share the recipe you used? This is my first time - and we really hope to hit it out of the park!! THANKS AGAIN!! :)

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          1. re: Small Plates

            This is what I did, based on a recipe proffered by JK Grence the Cosmic Jester on a thread in the Spirits board, which he claims is very close to the old Trader Vics recipe.

            For two cocktails:

            2 oz. Gosling's Black Seal rum
            2 oz. Mount Gay gold rum
            1.5 oz. lime juice
            1.5 oz. triple sec (JK's recipe specified orange curacao, which is indeed traditional, but I tend to prefer triple sec for anything involving orange flavor)
            1.5 oz. orgeat syrup
            one-half oz. simple syrup (particularly when using triple sec instead of curacao, this can totally be omitted)

            Mix with ice in cocktail shaker, pour.

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              Perfect!! Many thanks! I will let you know how they turn out! YUM!

          2. Its never 100%, but Marshalls and TJ Maxx sometimes have it. I saw it maybe 3 months ago at the Twin Cities Marshalls and around that time at the Fresh Pond TJ Maxx (which allows you to also check out Whole Foods and Maybe Cambridge Liquors). Capone foods would be worth a call. If you have a Caffe nearby (Paradiso in Harvard when it was open did this and I believe La Luna in Central,the one on Main in Medford near Tufts) that does italian sodas, they will usually sell you a bottle sometimes at their cost. I think Bob's in Medford has some syrups and Sessa's is also a good bet, although make sure the bottles are not _really_ old. If you need another Cambridge _maybe_, I have this feeling that between Shaw's and the liquor store at Porter Sq you might find it, but the other maybes are more firm :-)