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Apr 3, 2008 12:56 PM

arlington near the crystal city metro

hi. I'll be in arlington and was wondering if there were any recommendations for places to eat in the neighborhood of the crystal city metro. breakfast, lunch and/or dinner - for cheap up to about $30 per person for a dinner.


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  1. Sorry, I'm not actually going to be very helpful here but ... I live near that area and I have to say your choices are very slim. Most of the places in Crystal City are overpriced, underwhelming chains. Your best bet may be to hop on the metro and head to Alexandria or DC.

    1. There is Jaleo which I think could be under $30 per person. Especially for lunch. It is right by the metro.

      You might search the board I am not too familliar with Crystal City, but there have been some long threads on it.

      And you are only one metro stop away from Pentagon City which has Lebanese Taverna, a thai place I forget the name, and some other stuff.

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        Jaleo is good. And I know its a chain, but I've really enjoyed my meals at Ted's Montana Grill. It's a very eco-friendly business and the bison burgers are quite good. My favorite menu item is actually the meat loaf...very tasty with good sides.

        For breakfast, there is some diner near the metro which is decent enough for breakfast items. It gets pretty busy on the weekends though, if I remember correctly. Can't remember the name, so maybe someone can help me out here.

      2. This doesn't address directly your request, but I'll just point out that from Crystal City you can get on the metro's yellow line and pretty easily get into DC -- including to U St where you can get very inexpensive and wonderful food, most notably Ethiopian (a good meal for two for under $25 pretty easily) as well as other good stuff for more $. I understand this might not be helpful for you, but thought you should know, just in case you'll have time and inclination to head into the the city.

        1. Doing a google map search there is also a McCormick and Schmick which is a chain yes, but not bad and I think it might be a little less pricey than Legal Seafoods.

          There is also a corner bakery or au bon pain for breakfast if need be.

          And Bebo is there which has good pizza although the service can be just awful, I have heard sitting at the bar means better service.

          I forgot about Kabab Palace which is good.

          I agree with Elyssa I like Ted's especially for a bison burger, or bison meatloaf.

          There is also a King Street Blues there, I have never been to one of those anyone been? There is a good amount of stuff, search some threads, I am sure others will chime in. Yeah there are a lot of chains, but not too bad chains, and some other stuff.

          I thought there was a decent thai place not to far from the metro, but I am of no help as I cannot for the life of me remember the name.

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          1. re: ktmoomau

            I wouldn't recommend King St. Blues -- lots of heavy, greasy food that isn't particularly good.

            Jaleo (Spanish tapas) is solid, and Bebo's pizza is fantastic, but you have to grapple with the mystifyingly slow, incompetent service. Sitting at the bar should help a bit.

            For Thai, there's Urban Thai on 23rd, I believe. Also in that area is Cafe Pizzaiolo (corner of 23rd and Eads -- pretty respectable thin-crust pies) and Kabob Palace. Just stay away from the slightly misleadingly named Crystal City Restaurant. There's more than food being served up there.

            Elyssa, I'm racking my brain on the diner thing, but I don't think there's anyplace near the Crystal City or Pentagon City metros. Perhaps a little further afield?

            1. re: humblegourmand

              The diner is in the strip on 23rd. I've been once and it was okay, but not stellar.

          2. Down Rte 1, just past the large shopping center (Potomac Yards?) is the Afghan Restaurant, one of the best Afghan restaurants in the area. Excellent bread, good kebabs. Pretty basic decor, nice people.

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            1. re: brianV

              I've always wondered about that place. Sometimes the parking lot is absolutely jammed, but the location (next to a lot of auto shops, etc.) made me think twice. It's worth a visit?

              1. re: humblegourmand

                The Afghan restaurant is definately, definately worth it. Super tasty. You are correct tho -- the appearance is a turn off. I think it's kind of cool inside. There are murals of Afghanistan and its old buddhas and such that were since destoyed by the Taliban.

                1. re: bigskymind

                  Definitely going to check it out one of these days. Thanks for the lowdown!