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Apr 3, 2008 12:54 PM

First time at G. Umberto

So, my wife and I are going to GU this Saturday. I know we should arrive by 10:45 am and that we should get arancini and try a slice of pizza. What are your other recommendations to try? Are there any hints we should know about (ordering, seating, paying)? Do they only have house wines, or are there choices? Thanks, hounds

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  1. In addition to the pizza and the arancini, I really like the panzarotti...a mozzarella stuffed mashed potato cake, fried. They have calzones but I'm not personally a fan..but if you've never been; maybe worth trying.

    Seating and paying is pretty order your food, they tell you the pay, take your food and sit wherever you want..:)

    The wine list is not


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      1. re: Aromatherapy

        don't know but they're still using the same elegant stemware...made by Dixie; I believe..:)

        1. re: 9lives

          the red is still chilled. and delicious.

          i second the panzarotti idea. delicious deep fried mashed potatoes, browned to perfection, with a chunk of mozzarella in the middle. very yummy, and i don't think you'll find them at many other places in boston.

          also agree about the calzones. not worth it. i'd recommend you just get a couple extra slices of pizza instead.

          and i am jealous.

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        They have something they call a panini - it is basically the calzone dough but it is stuffed/baked with hot cold cuts and cheese - very good. Personally, I find the panzarotti and calzones a little bland, but the arancini and especially the pizza are king!

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          I tried GU for the first time today, after hearing so much about it. I had the arancini and the panini. I am not much of a meat-eater, but I was tempted by the little browned rolls sprinkled with sesame seeds. I ended up extracting most of the meat (salami and ham) -- if you love Italian cold cuts, you will love this. It's more like a stromboli than the pressed sandwich that most of us would think of as a panini.

          I will be heretical and say that while I liked the arancini, I don't think it's worth a trip -- in fact, I think the version that Iggy's makes on weekends is better!

      3. Try to sample as much on the menu as you can, you'll love the food and won't go broke. House wines are served in an ellegant paper cup. I'd recommend that when you get close to the counter your SO begins the hunt for a table. Ciao!

        1. You cold probably order one of everything ont he menu for around $13. I for one am a fan of the sausage and spinach calzone. Very garlicky, but great. I second the panzorotti, unique you don't see them everywhere and the arrancini is good but not life altering. Plan for a nap around 1.

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          1. re: Hambone Willy

            one hint if you want to seem like you've been there before, and be as seamless as possible, specify numbers and don't struggle over pronunciations. In other words, don't order a piece of pizza, a panzarotti and an arancini: order "one potato, one rice and one slice". Oh, and say whether its for "here or to go" first before you order

            1. re: pierce

              Hi pierce,
              I tried your suggestion on how to order. Not only did it work, people around me thought that it was the "coolest" thing they had ever heard there. The pizza was great, the rice and potato were very good, but my wife and I did not swoon over them, probably because the build up was so high. Thanks for your help.