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Apr 3, 2008 12:07 PM

chocolate covered espresso beans

I'm thinking of using chocolate covered espresso beans for my wedding favors. Does anyone know where I can get a relatively large quantity of good ones?


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  1. Try Confetti chocolate. I did truffle favors with them for my wedding.

    1. We did this for my sister's wedding and used them from Trader Joes because they were far cheaper. Good too, unfortunately, cause now I am tempted to get some everytime I go in there.

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        I agree, the Trader Joes ones are pretty good. I think Whole Foods may have them as well.

      2. Try calling Pac Gourmet in SF (415) 641 - 8400 . They used to let people order from their catalog..don't know if they still do. They sell 5 lb. bags of those beans. I'd have to look up the price.
        Also beware of eating too many of those at one sitting..they will turn your teeth a lovely shade of deep yellow.

        1. The ones at Berkeley Bowl next to the bulk food weighing station are good. I believe they have chocolate and dark chocolate covered espresso beans.

          1. I had some from Charles Chocolates last week. They were the best chocolate-covered espresso beans I've had--the chocolate was not too sweet and the bean was still oily. You might be able to get a discount if you order directly from the factory store in Emeryville.