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Apr 3, 2008 11:42 AM

Anyone been to Restaurant Julien?

I can't find anything about this place on ChowHound but I've been told by another person (off-board) that it was a good bet...

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  1. I've never been there for dinner, have been there for lunch a few years ago (it's a popular spot amongst the business crowd at lunch time)...
    The food is good but the decor is a little "stuffy" (atleast for my taste).
    I recently read that the owners have opened a new lounge serving tapas called the Phillip's Lounge, looks

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      We go there once in a while for dinner; it's a classic and very consistent.
      Yes, decorwise it's stuffy; they do have a nice terrace out back in the summer.

      I like their large dinner salads, it's rare you get that on a dinner menu.