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Apr 3, 2008 11:37 AM

Worcester suggestion for dinner: 4 couples?

Hi! We are looking for a steak house type place for dinner on Saturday night. We were supposed to be dining at Atkinson Country Club, but plans moved to Worcester. Called 111 Chop House (only place I now seeing that I live in CT) and they can only seat us at 5:30pm. The sitter can't come until 6pm, and ...well...who wants to eat at 5:30pm anyways?? Can you send me suggestions for a semi-upscale dining option for 4 couples looking for a nice adult night out? Obviously have to make these reservations soon, Thanks for your help!!! Michelle

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  1. 111's sister resto Sole Proprietor is smashing. but it's not steak.

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      Not sure this will help but there is a Outback Steak House in Auburn Ma. Which as I'm sure you know is right outside of Worcester. Also there is a Chuck's Steak House in Auburn. On Prospect st. 508-832-2553 This is there phone number. Hope this helps, Earle Ct.

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        Chuck's > Outback. It's nothing like the chop house, though. It's a casual place that is actually 2 restaurant's - Chuck's and the Margarita Grill.

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          Definitely Chuck's over Outback, their salad bar alone makes it worth it! I wouldn't waste your time with MargaritaCrap, there's a reason why there's no wait on a Saturday night there when Chuck's has a 45+ minute wait!

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        The Sole will also be booked already. You need to book about a month in advance for good Saturday reservations at the Chop House/Sole Proprietor (especially for 8 people).

        You could walk-in or call back and ask for a bar table. The bar there is pretty fun, and offers two menus.

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          I second invino's suggestion. i went one friday night and it was an hour and fifteen minute wait. We waited for maybe five minutes and scooped a table in the bar. Don't bother with outback or chucks, they don't come close to 111. Get there early and scope out the bar and scoop a table. At least this will give your party some time to tie one on. Get the filet trio its do die for.

      3. Thanks everyone!!! I actually was able to get a res for us at Sole!!! It sounds like I lucked out!!

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          That's some great luck. :)

          Have a great dinner and make sure to report back!

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            The Sole also has great steaks. They use the same meat purveyor as the Chophouse I was told. I have had their steaks and they are delish and I've never been disappointed.

          2. Wish I read this earlier - Block 5 Bistro or Bocado are both very, very good....

            check out the Bocado review in today's local paper:


            Where did you end up going?

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              Our party of 8 dropped to a party of 4 by 5pm. Someone's sitter had to get her appendix out. That was the only legit excuse as far as I could tell ...but the 4 of us still kept plans. We with the Sole Proprietor and had a GREAT time. Our service was excellent -with 2 servers. The food was fabulous (the table ordered sushi rolls, tuna tartar, calamari, Haddock w/ Lobster, Almond Crusted Haddock, NY Sirloin, and a Seafood stir fry. Got there late, but was not rushed. Sat around 7:30pm, and we actually left out table around 10:30pm. Cocktails and dessert. A lovely espresso for me! YUM!! It was very nice. I liked that it was pretty loud and semi-casual, as we were seeing friends we hadn't seen in a while and laughing/having a great time. I would DEFINITELY go back. We had a great time. Thanks to all for suggesting. We are looking to try 111 next time. I also made note of Block 5 Bistro and Bocado and will try them as well. Worcester seems to be the 1/2 way meeting place for us, so suggestions are always welcome. THANKS again!!!! Michelle