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Apr 3, 2008 11:13 AM

Question about rendered duck fat

Usually when I render goose or duck fat, I make sure that there is no skin included. Yesterday I got lazy and left the skin on. The resulting rendered fat has an ugly yellowish tinge rather than a nice, clean white. My question is: is there any other downside? Will the taste be affected or the store-ability? I can experiment for myself, but why risk ruining a good dish if a fellow chowhounder knows the answer.

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  1. I always render the fat and skin. The skin will have fat attached unless you are doing a bang up job of scraping it clean. The skin will turn to duck cracklins and can be used as well so why not use it. I have never rendered the fat only so can't compare the flavor. I have made confit and have reused this fat many times and it stores fine.

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      OK, thanks scubadoo97. Now I feel better!

    2. "Will the taste be affected?"

      Yes, for the better.