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Apr 3, 2008 11:08 AM

restaurant near arco arena?

going to the springsteen show tomorrow and looking for a not-too-expensive restaurant near arco arena (sacramento). any suggestions?

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  1. There are a ton of chains at the Truxel exit. On the Border, In and Out, Applebees, Steves Pizza etc.

    Around there is Chris Webber's place, Center Court.. This will be the place to be tommorow night. 3600 N Freeway. Good food not great but chance celebrity sightings is a Sacramento pastime so this will be the hot spot.

    Tuk Tuk is not far from there.

    Travelling south on Northgate (one exit east of Truxel) from I80 are some good mexican places.

    The Truck stop at I80 and Del Paso Rd is pretty good for cheap truckstop food.

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      Also, very close to Arco Arena: Sizzler, Mel's Diner, Rincon Alteno, Bella Bru...and yes Tuk-Tuk!!!!!!!

    2. If tacos and corn are your thing..... This truck is not far away from Arco. About 2 miles east of Truxel at Northgate exit, south on Northgate for a little while....

      1. Tuk Tuk is one of the best Thai places in Sacramento and located right near Arco. BJ's Brewhouse is a chain, but perfect for excellent pizza and beer.

        Tuk Tuk Restaurant
        4630 Natomas Blvd Ste 150, Sacramento, CA 95835

        B Js Restaurant
        3531 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834