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Apr 3, 2008 11:02 AM

phony marix tex mex in WeHo

i ate dinner there last nite. the service was great. the waitress was flawless and attentive. the only problem was the food and the atmosphere. the shrimp burrito was huge when it arrived and i was super excited to chow down. unfortunately it was about 50% green peppers and onions, 40% overcooked rice and 10% shrimp. it was also way too spicy, even though i love spicy mexican food. to make matters worse there was awful rave music blaring the entire time and it was way too dark. i couldn't even hear my girlfriend sitting next to me. this is NOT the place to enjoy fajitas and a beer. maybe it's a good place to hang out if you are tripping on ecstasy?

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  1. Marix in West Hollywood is certainly not known for its food. It's more of a hangout for young gays and the food is an after-thought.

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      Seconded, for food I'd much rather head to Basix next door.


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        Basix does have much better food and the ambience is more subdued and suitable for conversations. Funny enough, both Marix and Basix have the same owners.

    2. Not sure you heading of phony is appropriate, in that the restaurant has been serving much the same food for over 20 years in both West Hollywood and the Palisades/Santa Monica location. The noise has always been there, yet has nothing to do with being phony or not.
      As to being true TexMex, you can ask 10 people what their definition of TexMex is and you would probably get 11 different answers. It is just their take, and it has made them mucho dinero in that time.

      1. I love Taco Tuesdays. I think the indoor/outdoor feel of the place is great...especially in the summer. Endless tacos and pitchers of margaritas. How can you go wrong?

        1. Yeah, last time I was there I could have sworn that everyone in there was about to take of their shirts, put on some sunglasses and blow a whistle. I actually dont mind it for fajitas and drinks, and the queso fundido. Probably better to go on a Monday or Wed when things are a little more tame, definitely not a good place to have a discussion about Immanuel Kant.

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            Brunch is also more low key there and very enjoyable --- no loud music and no one is about to take off their shirts...