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Apr 3, 2008 10:37 AM

Anyone try the food at Zanzibar?

I heard that the Zanzibar has menus.

Just curious if anyone has actually had a meal while watching the entertainment.

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  1. Their smoothies are good in a pinch. They come with plastic lids, which is handy.

    I've also heard some good reviews of their Klondike Chili in a bread bowl, but I've never tried it...

    1. No, but some friends of mine had some of the "fresh home made food" offered at Jilly's on the corner of Queen and Broadview. they said it wasn't too bad. I saw it, looked pretty awful.

      1. Hard to eat with your jaw on the floor

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          Finnegan would that be because the women at Zanzibar look worse than the dudes begging outside? I've only ever had my jaw dropped at one gentleman's club and it wasn't in Canada. Plus the bouncers are douchebags.

          If you want decent food near a rippers you should go to the asian cuisine joint (think it's called Ginger) beside the `Rail or for hefty burgers and bacon sandies hit DD's or for some Jamaican fare the Jerk. both near Jilly's; I can't think of anything worth ingesting in/at/around Zanzibar.

        2. There is an Asian guy who cooks the food at the Zanz, burgers, fries type of thing plus fried rice, eggrolls etc.. really cheap $5 for a meal.. never tried it but the girls do eat it so it cant be too bad...

          Rail basically nukes anything you order at night from frozen dinners... but at Lunch they actually get take out for you from Focacia on Hayden. Great veal sandwhiches and such.

          Sara Waxman actually said the best burger in Toronto was at the Landing Strip..

          It and its sister club For Your Eyes Only on King serve great food to the corporate crowd but it is expensive... remember a lunch at the landing where they were cutting roast beef off the bone in front of the stage...

          Quebec is the king though.. free buffet with entrance... at some places

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