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Apr 3, 2008 10:18 AM

in search of "Egg Tofu" (grocery store or restaurant)

I discovered egg tofu when I was studying abroad in Singapore - it seemed like almost any tofu dish there used egg tofu rather than what is though of as regular tofu - often braised or fried. When I returned home to central PA, a small asian grocery store that I shopped at carried it, but I can't seem to find it here in the DC area. I often shop at the GrandMart in Gaithersburg, and Daruma (Japanese) in Bethesda but haven't seen it in either place. It's sold in a tube, similar to korean silken tofu (more discussion about it in an SF thread: There was a Penang (malaysian chain) I ate in New York a few months ago, that had a "homemade tofu" that may have had egg in it but it wasn't quite the same.

Until I manage to track it down, I was thinking of trying to make something similar to it on my own - perhaps by blending soft tofu with egg and then baking it... kind of like a custard? any tips on that? (I have a tiny kitchen and not a lot of fancy tools, so I'm not up for the intensive tofu-from-scratch-out-of-soybeans process)

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  1. I can't really be of help.... but there's a Penang in DC, I'm assuming it's the same chain? It's at 19th and M. And there's that other Malaysian restaurant on the same block on M, but I don't remember the menu well enough, and also right around there is Singapore Bistro (?) which I've never been to.

    So, it's actually made of egg and tofu?

    1. I found another reference: - a recipe using it, but also vaguely alludes to the possibility of making the egg tofu from scratch, might have to email the blogger for details.

      I think there's even a Penang in my neighborhood (Bethesda) but I don't know how different it's offerings would be from other ones of the same chain. I tend to cook at home a lot more often than I eat out, so I haven't gotten around to exploring all the Singaporian/Malaysian restaurants around here. I guess my ultimate goal is to find the stuff in the tube at a store. If I find it in a restaurant, the restaurant might at least be able to give me a clue as to where I can find it, (and of course, I can enjoy eating it there).

      1. in case anyone else has been in desperate pursuit of egg tofu during the past 5+ years, I found it today!
        Great Wall supermarket, folks. Merrifield. :)

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          And here I was about to post that! You can also get an excellent dish of egg tofu, pork shreds and golden mushrooms at New Kam Fong in Wheaton. It's on the specials board, so you might have to ask for it. Occasionally I see it cooked salt and pepper style but I haven't found that in DC or Boston. (Actually I *think* they *might* have it at the tiny place across the street and down the block, east of NKF,but I'm not certain. I forget the name of that place but it's rightly well known for barbecued pork.)

          I can't believe it took you five years to find it. (And thanks for updating your thread.) How long has GW been around?

          And, does egg tofu have any tofu in it? The label I saw at GW seemed to indicate it was just egg.

          1. re: KWagle

            indeed, it is just egg! (with extra egg white)
            I never knew.... I wonder if this is what I'd had all along when I was in singapore... ?