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Apr 3, 2008 10:05 AM

Vail Valley mud season deals... please share!

As off season rolls around, please share any great specials you find or how your dining experiences are... we are always looking for a fun spot and especially interested in supporting businesses that stay open and treat the locals well year round...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Larkspur is running their 50% off on wine deal. And the wine list is terrific. Also, I've had 2 lunches, one dinner and take-out a couple of times at Blue Plate Bistro and not had the issues you mentioned in your post on the Vail/Beav thread.

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      1. re: BlueOx

        good to hear... I will have to give it another try... thank you, and I hope you're right!

      2. OK, the mud season deals have started:

        Larkspur 50% off wine, a $75 chef's menu and $38 for 3 courses, this may sound like a lot, but its a good deal. Check to see when they close.

        Sweet Basil - 25% of your lunch bill. I think lunch is the time to be there.

        Vin 48 (in the beautiful downtown Avon boat building) - 48% off wine and large plates (I'm headed there tomorrow night, a report will follow.

        Juniper - 50% off on mains

        Dish - $25 for 6 small plates, and $25 for a red or white. But check this out, $1 on Monday nights for table side "steak".

        For my Tyler, Texas buddy, Sucka Za has some kind of special.

        Blue Plate Bistro (in Avon) - good lunch and early bird dinner specials. The folks running this place are special, give it a try.

        Frites looks like it might have closed. I guess food does matter.

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        1. re: BlueOx

          Thanks for the update. Glad to hear Larkspur has the usual specials going -- although I think last year the 3 course deal was $33 or $34. Still, that $38 special is a good deal and the 50% wine is outstanding. Thanks also for the heads up on the red sauce joint. Where is Blue Plate Bistro? Don't remember hearing about it before.

          1. re: BlueOx

            thank you for the updates... I am excited to try the blue plate bistro after your kind words... I trust your palate.
            sucka za, (zacca blah)... has anyone been there recently? Has it gotten any better over the past year?
            Any word on Five Spice? Is it put off (still... it was supposed to open over a year ago) now that the chef has split town after the embarassing $$ disaster with Zacca Za?
            Frites is closed. For good. Word on the street is that one of Vail's most popular chef's is looking to do a more casual theme, and there are a few others looking as well. We are all hoping for something to rival Zino when it was there in its heyday.

            1. re: foodissexy

              The story I got was Zino's closed after the owner didn't see the same high returns there that he was getting at his other place, Sweet Basil. I think the space is wrong for a restaurant, If someone reopened with just the downstairs with a separate entrance and a more all weather terrace, I think it would be a winner. Maybe take the upstairs and make it a pub.

              Where is Five Spice suppose to located?

              We are trying Vin 48 tonight, so I'll post my take on it and Blue Plate (which is in the Christy Lodge, use to be the Nepal restaurant) in the next couple of days.

              1. re: BlueOx

                five spice was under construction in the chapel square (right next to zacca za) but not much has happened there in months. Thomas N was the chef/partner so I am not sure waht is going to happen, but the valley could sure use some good dim sum!

              2. re: foodissexy

                We were out running errands all day and decided to go for the one decent thing we had off of their menu, the Margerita Pizza. Yes, they have succeded in screwing that up too. Once it had a nice crust, now it's thick and has too much of a parm/oregano topping on it and no salt, blahh...

            2. Any other deals out there? I'm heading up this weekend and while I've got Friday night taken care of (Dish, of course) I'm not sure I can convince my companions to head there every night.

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              1. re: RobynS

                Robyn, as I'm sure you know the Vail Daily is the best place to find the "mud season" deals. Vin48 looks closed while they redo the parking lot. Most others have reopened this week. Balata, has a special, but I haven't been in the last year, it has a really nice setting, so if you go, please let us know what you think. Just a warning, its "dead" up here right now. And maybe we are going to get some more snow tonight (about 450 inches so far this season).

                1. re: BlueOx

                  Thanks Blue Ox.

                  I'll try to pick up a Vail Daily when I get into town. It's hard for me to get one ahead of time down here. Where is Balata? Oh, and the group I'm coming up with is all in town to ski A-Basin so as far as we're concerned, snow is good!

                  1. re: RobynS

                    Balata is owned by Sonnealp and is in the Singletree (Edwards) club house. In the past, service has been a little spotty, but friendly.

                    A-Basin has really decent food at the new mid-mountain (front-side) lodge. And Zuma Bowl is as good as skiing gets. We're just tired of snow, its really screwed up biking this spring.

                    It looks like the price this spring for Larkspur, Sweet Basil and Grouse is $36 for a 3 course. And Juniper is running second main free again. The restaurant in Vail Plaza (new building next to Kelly Liken) is running a special, but I don't have a report on them. And Blue Plate in Avon has $12 mains for dinner as well a $4 burgers and fries at lunch.

              2. Kelly Liken has 50% off all food and selected wines. The vail cascasde spa has 40% off of all services.

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                1. re: meeatgood

                  i am moving back to vail.... will grab a vail daily and add to/update the current list sometime over the next week or so.