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Apr 3, 2008 09:46 AM

Bachelorette Party in Charleston

Calling all fun ladies - I need your help! I am coordinating a bachelorette party in Charleston at the end of April. We are all in our late 20's and early 30s so we are a fun, but classy group, mostly from the Southeast.

I have been to Charleston with my husband so I went the romantic route. This time I am looking for a few restaurants and bars for a group of 10 fun women where we can have dinner before we go out. I know Charleston can be conservative - so we need a place where we can have great food and be a little wild - but not too crazy. I want a nice restaurant, not a dive. But I don't want to get stared at if we are a bit loud. Something trendy and popular. Any suggestions?

Where would you recommend we go out for drinks and dancing?


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  1. You could try Rue de Jean (french, but also has sushi), Coast (seafood mostly), or Chai's (tapas) - all of these have a pretty young (20's, 30's ish), cool crowd, and are great food! as for dancing late night...most people would say Trio (on Calhoun)

    1. SNOB for dinner and the rooftop of The Vendue Inn for drinks and dancing afterwards.

      After that, Wet Willies gets the party jammin' around 11PM.

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