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Apr 3, 2008 09:34 AM

Downtown Atlanta...ideas?

My friend & business partner and myself are heading to Atlanta for a convention and also a little fun. We both work in the fine dining industry as well, so we would like to find a place that pays close attention to detail, but still fits our fun attitude (we are both 25 years old). We have some great dresses to show off too!

We will be heading out 4 nights.

we are open to all different cuisine styles.


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  1. Atlanta has some great restaurants! There are only a few good one's downtown:
    French American Brassarie is upscale. Luckie Food Lounge is more casual but good - service is hit or miss though.
    Midtown & East Side is just a 5-10 minute cab ride - here are a few suggestions:
    Rathbun's or Rathbun's Steakhouse - can't go wrong with either! Best chef in the city - don't let the neighborhood scare you off.
    South City Kitchen - business casual but the food is fantastic. Nuveau Southern. There are some great bars around the corner - Twisted Taco and Comsopolitan.
    Two Urban Licks - great atmosphere and fusion menu. Atlanta hot spot.
    Repast - never been there but I hear the food is amazing.
    Nan - great thai food in an upscale setting
    Loca Luna - casual tapas restaurant with a live salsa band.
    Buckhead is about a 10-15 minute cab ride but worth the drive:
    Lola - newest hot spot. Good Italian food with a great setting. Lots of single men. There's also an MF Sushi and Aquanox in the same complex called Terminus.
    Bluepoint - good old classic. Beautiful restaurant with good fusion seafood.
    Twist - casual, fun tapas and sushi restaurant. Great for pre-party.
    Fado - great Irish pub in Buckhead - it's very casual but would be fun for a night.
    All of these will have a web site so check them out. Good luck!

    1. Bacchanalia is awesome food. Restaurant Eugene and they are opening a pub concept that sounds like a lot of fun too Holeman and Finch is the name, I think it opens on the 14th of April.
      Have a great time.