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Apr 3, 2008 09:29 AM

Mother's Day Brunch in Baltimore

We went to Gertrude's last year and had a WONDERFUL meal, but we'd like to try something else. Any suggestions??

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  1. How about Brasserie Tatin in Canterbury? Or did you want to go downtown?

    1. Red Star in Fells Point. They have an awesome brunch. Bottomless mimosas (not so good) and bloody marys (awesome). Food is always excellent, brunch and dinner. I think they take reservations.

      Also Sander's Corner, Cromwell Bridge Rd in Towson, overlooking Loch Raven Reservoir. But their website says they don't take reservations under 10 people. On Mother's Day, that might be taking a chance.

      1. I just had an awesome brunch at Ze Mean Bean in Fell's Point. The perogies were DELISH.

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          Ze Mean Bean has really thoughtful & tasty coffe drinks as well. The service at Red Star is the worst. My friend ordered a steak and blue cheese omelette the last time she was there, & received a sausage and mozz omelette. When she complained, the server just shrugged & said, "yeah, sometimes they mess up the omelettes" & walked away!

          1. re: kelarry

            Agree with kelarry...Red Star may be a better bet with friends on a Sunday when you don't have anywhere else to be...not so much a nice brunch for your mom if Gertrude's is your comparison. Mama's on the Half Shell has a good brunch with great bloody marys.

        2. If you don't require a buffet, try Miss Shirley's near Loyola College (Cold Spring & Charles St area). Fabulous food but crowded...