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Apr 3, 2008 09:23 AM

Ya'll, we need some BBQ

Hey ya'll! We'll be visiting Chandler AZ at the end of next month, and hosting a truly Southern engagement and housewarming party for one our girls. We need help finding an authentic BBQ restaurant or caterer. Now, we've decided to put aside our differences when it comes to Eastern Carolina vs. Western Carolina preferences, you foodies know what I'm talking about! Any ideas, please help!

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  1. There is always Famous Dave's but it's a chain. They are pros at catering.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Honey Bear's BBQ...they do great catering and it's the real deal.

    Also, try Stacy's Smokehouse which just got a great review today in the AZ Republic. He has been around for a while and just opened this new place. 602-230-6724

    Place link below for Honey Bear, and Stacy's info is above.

    Honey Bears Barbeque
    5012 E Van Buren St, Phoenix, AZ

    1. Joe's BBQ is in Gilbert
      The Pitts Again is on the west side of town but they probably do catering (featured on food network)