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Apr 3, 2008 09:13 AM

Cavo or Taverna Kyclades?

My friends and I are on an ethnic food tour of the city and Greek is on the list. I've been to Cavo once and likes the food. I was with all Greeks and have absolutely no clue what I ate. I've been looking at places and narrowed it down to Cavo and Taverna Kyclades. What do you think? Is there some where better?

We are just looking for the best authenic food we can find. Decor and all that doesn't matter at all.

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  1. I found Cavo to be nice looking but pretty average food with silly prices for the neighborhood. If you are looking for authentic and good, try Agnanti by Astoria Park, or the newly re-opened Philoxenia. Cavo is all style and no substance in my opinion--it's essentially a night club with decent food.

    32-07 34th Ave, Queens, NY 11106

    1. Without a doubt, Taverna Kyclades is excellent, authentic and a great value. Primarily a seafood restaurant, anything on the menu is well prepared and abundant. The salads are perfect, the kebobs and whole fish are done to perfection. I had scallops the last time I was there and they were very good. The Greek fries are super. By all means, try Kyclades. The owner is always hovering about, checking on service and the quality and you'll enjoy the complimentary dessert. (Galaktebureko) Try it!

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        Taverna Kyclades has the best grilled swordfish I have ever eaten, and their other food isn't at all bad. I've gone three times and my wife and I try to not to miss it on our visits to the city, riding the subway out from Midtown for lunch.

        JK from Baltimore

      2. i also agree that philoxenia or agnadi are the best options. cavo is nice for drinks at nite, but the menu isnt really 'greek', and kyclades is good if you want seafood.

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          Ditto these suggestions. Agnandi really is my fave in terms of the food. Kyklades for the seafood.