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Apr 3, 2008 09:12 AM

Anyone remember Sunshines at Bayview and Sheppard?

Hello there...

Does anyone know what is in the location that used to be Sunshines at Bayview Village? (in the parking lot) Is it still a restaurant and do you think it would be acceptable for a simple lunch for some Seniors?

Thank you!

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  1. Sunshine's has been Sierra Grill for some time now. It's in the exact same location.
    They still have the salad bar. When it's fresh, it's good. I don't order anything else on the menu, however, I think it should be fine for what you describe.

    1. Sunshines - memories of high school... I was so into their salad bar (back in the day I was easily pleased by a good helping of iceberg lettuce with lots of toppings).

      I think it's called the Sierra Grill now:

      My mom (who's in her 60s but would kill me if I called her a senior) has eaten there with friends a few times and, if I remember her comments correctly, I think she thought it was fine but not extraordinary. If what you're looking for is a decent but uninspired lunch, it'll probably be just fine. However, I've never eaten there so can't make any promises. If you're looking for food that's a bit more memorable, the Oliver and Bonacini restaurant in the mall is probably a better bet.

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        Agreed that O&B in the mall itself is a MUCH better option than Sierra Grill. If they really want a salad bar, then go for it. But I strongly recommend that they don't order anything off the menu -- it's pretty bad.

        1. re: TorontoJo

          I've been known to eat there occasionally. There's a particular item on their salad bar I occasionally get annoying cravings for. And since the contents of their salad bar has not changed one iota in all the years I've been going there, I know I can count on it still be there.

          (It's the orzo with cranberries, in case anybody's wondering. It's not really all that good, but sometimes my brain just wants me to have it.)

          I agree that the menu is really pretty generically terrible. I particularly recommend avoiding the entrees. The burgers are, at least, edible, if not particularly good.

          The chinese restaurant in the mall, Yenching, isn't authentic, but it's kind of gussied up westernized chinese, prettily presented and reasonably good. It's not a foodie destination, but if you're looking for someplace in Bayview Village specifically to eat, as opposed to just someplace in that general area of town, it's a better option than some of the others.

      2. All of the posters are right so far. Sierra Grill is fine, and the salad bar is the way to go. Usually 2 soup options, fresh bread, grilled veggies, pasta salads and mixed greens with lots of toppings and vegetables to add, it's a nice choice. It hasn't changed at all, so it gets boring very quickley, but for first timers, there is nothing wrong with it. The other items on the menu are less inspiring and sound better than they taste (the omlettes are not bad). Booths are nice and roomy, service is generally decent.