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Apr 3, 2008 09:09 AM

Uchi - Perceptor's Photo Report

I just wanna thank the fellow chowhounders that gave me fantastic recommendations for my 1st Austin experience this past weekend. I wanna especially thank Honey Bee!!!

I will be posting my photo reports on the places I ate at and this one is all about my INSANELY amazing experience at Uchi....

I'm just gonna let my pictures and their captions to do the speaking for me because I'm still speechless after that meal... coming from LA, I thought HOW GOOD can this place be being in Texas.. as it turned out, it was one of the most creative meals i have ever had ANYWHERE....


More photo report from my other meals to come...
- Sam's BBQ
- Torchy's Taco
- Polvo's
- Lambert's

===> Perceptor

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  1. How cool are you? That was a great show. Thanks! I'll definitely be looking forward to the others...

    1. Thanks for the great photos perceptor! Its been a while since I have been to Uchi, and I have my favorites (the maguro with apple, goat cheese and pumpkinseed oil) but I saw a lot of new things that I will have to go and try.

      1. Perceptor,

        Please come to Austin lots more.

        Beautiful slideshow.

        1. Perceptor, that's a beautiful show. May I ask, what was the price for the omakase? Were you sharing with another person? And the plates pictured, were they an individual portion, or were some of them meant to be shared?

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          1. re: angusb

            Phenomenal! I need to go to Uchi RIGHT NOW!

            1. re: angusb

              ~$120 per person on the food.... all the plates were shared by me and my wife... if this restaurant was in LA, it would easily be $200+ per person...

              1. re: Perceptor

                So, for the items that you received only one piece of (clam, duck, eggplant, shown as five individual items on one plate, I believe), you were required to split each of those items two ways? Or, choose who got which piece? Torturous.

                1. re: angusb

                  1/4 bite for the wife and 3/4 bite for me :-)

            2. Perceptor,

              What you have done is showcase the experience of dining at Uchi in a way that their website certainly does not.

              With more professionally-edited annotations, you could package that as a product / service for restaurants which they could add to their websites.