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Apr 3, 2008 09:04 AM

Group dinner + drinks near Astor Place?

Hi Chowhound!

My goal: take my work group (14 people) out for food + drinks near Astor Place. I'd love to find a place like Loreley. My only recommendation so far is The Smith. I don't know if the boss is paying, so lower budget is better, and we'll be going around 7:00 on a Thursday.

Thanks for your time!

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  1. A lot of people hate it, but I'm in love with Kenka's. VERY downscale, but a lot of fun, ultra-cheap, and good for large groups. I go there tons, but have been staying away for the past six weeks or so because the last time I was there the food was terrible. Usually it's at the "decent bar food only Japanese bar food" standard, but last time it stunk. Hopefully that was a one-off bad experience. Otherwise it seems to fit what you're looking for: cheap, laid back, large group.

    More info:

    1. Bowery Bar & Grill...great atmosphere, good drinks and decent food.