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Apr 3, 2008 08:54 AM

Passover dessert feedback

I'm thinking of making this trifle recipe for the first seder. I need to stay parve and generally try to avoid "fake" dairy but I'm feeling bored with the same old same old this year.

Does anyone have any experience using liquid non-dairy creamer for applications like this? What do you think? My "audience" is a tough crowd with very high expectations and if I tank I can expect to hear about it for the whole next year.

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  1. I read the reviews of the recipe and they're all pretty positive. I have used non-dairy substitutes in the past for Passover desserts and I think the trick is to infuse some other natural flavour into the custard. One reviewer suggests vanilla and I would tend to agree. The fruit flavour and the citrusy sponge cake will probably predominate anyway. Actually sounds like a great dessert - if I weren't chained to the annual required desserts I might consider it myself.

    1. Not at all healthy, but I highly suggest skipping the non-dairy creamer and using coconut milk. It would be a lovely flavor wtih the raspberries and bananas, and is generally liked by most people. You can use light if you wish. I have made custard with coconut milk many times and it always goes over well.

      1. I don't know if this is an issue for you, but what non-dairy cream is kosher for Passover?

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          Good point and, as I noticed in the grocery store about an hour ago, one of the first ingredients in the Rich's is corn syrup. My husband still argues as to whether or not corn syrup is really kitniyot but the OU and Star-K seem to think it is.

          However, my hosts care passionately about the parve part, much less so about the niceties of a valid heksher. I would have the same problem with coconut milk, wouldn't I? Although from a taste perspective, I really like the idea.

          1. re: KingsKetz

            There are kosher for P. non dairy cream brands out there - you have to look for it at a supermarket that carries a wide selection of kosher products. My mother used to be the same way - cared a whole lot about the pareve thing, not so much about the heksher. I am a symbolic Jew - if the forbidden ingredient doesn't slap me in the face I don't worry about it. So I wouldn't be looking to closely for the corn syrup or whatever in a prepared food.

            Not sure if I read you correctly, but just to clarify, coconut milk would definitely be both pareve and kosher for P. so a good idea, really.

            1. re: Nyleve

              As far as *I'm* concerned, the coconut milk is just fine. However, go find a can (at least in NC) with any kind of heksher, let alone a Kosher for Passover marking. Doesn't matter to much to me, matters a lot to some of the family.

              This is what drives me totally nuts about Passover. Everyone, and I mean, everyone has completely different standards about what they find acceptable. Fortunately, it's only 8 days.

              1. re: rockycat

                If you google coconut milk and kosher apparently Thai kitchen and Goya are kosher. I am not Jewish so I don't know what the different standards are...but...

                1. re: rockycat

                  Totally understand. It's just one of those crazy things - you don't try to figure out the logic. Just just go with it.

              2. re: KingsKetz

                That would be Kinneret. I actually found some frozen containers at the semi-local Kroger yesterday, properly marked and all. In honor of this Passover miracle, I believe I will get over my distate for for fake dairy and give the recipe a go. Look, after 4 glasses plus of wine, who'll notice the chemical glow anyhow?

              3. Or how about, instead of the custard layer you use lemon curd. This is just a mixture of lemon juice, zest, sugar, egg yolks and butter (so sub margarine). It is simple to make and soooo tasty. In that case, I would use less sugar in the cake as the lemon curd tends to be very sweet. It would also pair really nicely with the raspberries.

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                  Rocky, I was going to suggest lemon curd as well. I usually do a riff on lemon curd with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries & blackberries. This year I am doing individual merinuge shells filled with berries topped with lemon curd for the second night. Another recipe that works really well if you need to have a cake is flourless chocolate cake. I have a WORD file of Passover desserts which have worked really well through the years with simple ingredients. If you want to include your email address, I can send to you (or other CHers.)