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Favorite Salsa?

What is your favorite salsa? Where do you buy, eat, or have even eaten?

This can be centered around the DC metro area, but can go anywhere?

Homemade? Recipes?

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  1. pico de gallo?

    mine or the SO's.

    how hard is that? tomato, onion, cilantro, jalapeno maybe a (small) dash of lime, let sit. preferably overnight, or at least a few hours.

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      Hi Folks:

      For recipes, please post on the Home Cooking board. For a general discussion about store bought salsas, please post on the General Topics board. This helps us keep the discussion here focused on where to find great chow in the DC/Baltimore area - including salsas!

      Thank you!

    2. Ooo...this thread is going to get moved...(to Chains, Home Cooking, or another board entirely!).

      Personally, I like the salsa at Chevy's - there's a sort of a smoky flavor that's really hits me right.

      Last night, I went to El Zunzal for the first time, and the salsa there was not like any salsa I've had before. It was red and mild and more...sauce-y, kinda watery really. But then maybe that's because it's a Salvadorean/Mexican place, than a Tex-Mex. I'm not really certain, because my Mexican food experiences have been pretty much limited to the chains in the past, so I'm a terrible judge.

      1. There's a place in Herndon, Pollo Inka, that has great salsa. For the most part, the rest of the menu has generally left me wanting, but the salsa is terrific.

        A few doors over, the salsa is one nice aspect about Tortilla Factory. Nothing out of this world, but definitely good. They sell it to go in good sized containers. It's nice to stop in and buy theirs in my routine.

        To make this a fully Herndon centric post, Teocalli Tamale's chipotle hot salsa has me addicted to it.

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          I like Anita's salsa. It isn't very hot, but the flavors remind me of a lot of hometown places in New Mexico.

        2. The red Herdez chunky available at Shoppers and other hispanic markets is surprisingly good for what it is. Not so thrilled about the verde, though. It is mostly available in Hot, but it's really not that hot. They also make a casera style (runny) that comes in a can, strong roasted tomato flavor, and is very good, again, for what it is.

          1. everyone i know who's ever eaten it loves the salsa at rio grande café/uncle julio's in arlington. it is made with fresh-roasted tomatoes every day and is smoky (from roasting and not from chipotles, thankyouverymuch), dark, spicy, savory...freakin' addictive! if it's near the end of the evening, ask your waiter if he'll give you some to go. otherwise, you can buy it in containers to go.

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              I love Rio Grande/Uncle Julio's salsa. And it's been a couple of years, but I remember really liking the salsa at Silverado. My favorite jarred is Green Mountain Gringo but it's not great, just better than the others I've tried.

              7052 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA 22003

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                I also like the Rio Grande salsa. It is indeed addictive!

                Rio Grande Cafe
                231 Rio Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20878

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                  YES! I am a very critical salsa judge and Rio Grande/Uncle Julio's salsa is the real deal! (We go to the one at the Rio Center in Gaithersburg.) I go there only for the salsa and the classico margarita. (I may have the name wrong on the margarita, it doesn't seem to be on the online menu.)

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                    RG has great salsa - WHEN it is made correctly. When it is made properly, it is smoky, wonderful goodness. But i have had it when it hasnt been made well that day (and i have been to all the locations in this area), it is is awful. So it is a crapshoot as to whether you will catch it on a good day.

                  2. cactus cantina isn't too bad. but nothing like the real stuff back in Texas

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                      Oh gosh, let's don't get started on the real stuff back in Texas. I hate to cry.

                    2. Samantha's in Takoma/Langley Park. Also hands down the best papusas in the area. Above and beyond.

                      1. district taco's (storefront in arlington) has some decent salsa. the hot one they have is quite complex. There are hints of several different ingredients unlike the typical hot which can often be only red ground pepper and vinegar.

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                          Now that you say that, I'd have to enter TECC's green salsa into the mix. I haven't yet had District Taco, but TECC's is very good. I don't know if I'd dip chips in it (which was my earlier criteria), but to put on a taco...

                        2. Oh, and i LOVE chipotle's green tomatillo salsa. Too hot for some palates, but i love it.

                          1. In the summer, the Farm at Red Hill supplies WF with the best salsa, super fresh ingredients. I don't know if it's available this time of year.