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Apr 3, 2008 07:22 AM

AquaGrill suggestions

I am going tonite and am very excited....

Any suggestions on Oysters....or main dishes?

thnaks in advance!

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  1. Is Aqua Grill the same Aqua down in the seaport?

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      1. re: jb44

        I have never been - been to Aqua on Peck Slip - not sure if the same. Sorry

        1. re: lovesfinethings

          Absolutely not! Aquagrill is so much far better.

    1. The cod main is terrific.

      1. Seriously, everything is awesome - The wait staff is a great resource - I tend to go with a special. I second the cod.

        1. Tough to go wrong - everything is great. If a special appeals, grab it.

          1. They usually have a large selection of oysters to meet each palate. Talk to the server and describe your taste, according to texture, size, brine, etc.

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            1. re: digsnola

              I agree - my favorite thing to have there is the oysters. It's been awhile since I've been, but I recall finding the entrees less interesting, and the service somewhat brusque (though we noted that we had the same waitress three times in a row, coincidentally).

              1. re: digsnola

                This is what I did--server gave us a nice sampling.