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Apr 3, 2008 07:21 AM

Artichoke Pizza report

It's another one of those overly hyped places to have opened recently and we, chumps that we are, raced over last night to score slices of their regular pie and spinach/artichoke pie. Truly disappointing.

Crusts are too thick, dry, tasteless. The topping on the spinach/artichoke pie is sour, having no resemblance to the delicious spinach dip we adore at Houston's, heavy and filling, but not happily. We moved on to the regular slice, which was lackluster. Too little cheese, sauce had no flavor, again dry and easy to put down.

We're returning to Bleecker Pizza and to Grano on W. 10th Street, the places that know how to make a winning pizza.

Artichoke is small, already has a line and no place to sit, so it falls short in all ways.

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    1. disagreed in regards to the spinach arty; however, i havent been there in months. I was never dissapointed.

      1. I also strongly disagree. As I've posted before, the square is excellent. I've never gotten anything other than the square. I believe the general consensus is the other slices aren't in the same league.

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        1. re: brettnyc

          Agreed--get the square and nothing else. I've been sorely disappointed with the artichoke and regular slices.

        2. Spinach dip? Houston's?? Really? I"m serious. Is it actually good? I associate spinach dip with the worst in industrial food, so if there's actually good spinach dip I'd be curious to try it. And at Houston's? Maybe that's why Bernie Madoff went there so often.

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          1. re: jasmurph

            The artichoke dip at Houston's is indeed very good. Seriously. In a trashy way. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

            The artichoke dip slathered on top of the artichoke slice at Artichoke Pizza, not so much.

            1. re: jasmurph

              ha...there are actually several things on the menu that are pretty good...the ribs...oh and their cesear salad is phenom.