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Apr 3, 2008 06:34 AM

Trip to Portland/Freeport

My bf and I are planning a trip up to Portland Freeport next weekend. We tend to like the low key type places. I like a wide variety of food, and as long as he has a beer and some type of meat he's good. I've read some of the posts about this area on the board and so far what I have is

-Stop on the way up on Friday for breakfast at the Friendly Toast in Portsmouth (was looking for a good diner type breakfast place on the way up, but open to suggestions) We're coming from south of Boston up 95

-Lunch at DuckFat (this is a must)

Looking for a dinner place in or around Portland. We really like breweries and since there seem to be a lot in Maine are there any particularly good ones around Portland?

We'll spend Saturday in Freeport and I was looking at the Broad Arrow tavern for lunch. We'll probably eat dinner on our way back to Portland (that's where we're staying) so I was thinking maybe Buck's BBQ, Gritty McDuff's, or the Lost Bear?

I'm still looking for a good breakfast and/or lunch on the way back towards Boston.

I also love seafood, but the bf doens't, so if you know of a good seafood shack that also does good burgers that would be a huge plus. Thanks ahead for the help.

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  1. Broad Arrow Tavern for lunch is a great choice. Gritty's & GLB both have good beer and atmosphere, but the food is just ok. Bucks is good. The Foreside Tavern & side bar in Falmouth is a good place for a beer and has a very mixed menu from pub food to seafood.

    In Portland there is Sebago Brewing, but the food is again, just ok. I'd suggest a tour of the Shipyard Brewery ( then maybe dinner at one of the many other zillion possibilities. You can get a good brew at most.

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      I concur with everything delong99 says. One casual but delicious possibility on the way back from Freeport to Portland for dinner is Conundrum, a great bistro on Rt. 1.

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        I'm a big fan of Broad Arrow Tavern.

        Definitely Buck's Naked BBQ versus Gritty's or Lost Bear (food-wise).

        On way back to Portland for dinner there is Falmouth SeaGrill (Rte1A). Quiet,and casual (especially in bar upstairs). Simply grilled superfresh fish; good mussels app; but also burgers/steaks, etc. On the water (Casco Bay) with views of islands and Portland.

      2. On your way back, there's a great breakfast place on rte 1 in Hampton, NH called Hoaties, it's a local place cash only but, the prices reflect that, with a good variety of breakfast stuff. For lunch I'd try Celebrity Sandiwch in Portsmouth.

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          I have to disagree some what IMOP , Betty’s on Route 1 is hands down the best place fro Breakfast on the seacoast.

          Has been a Icon for years and will for ever be

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            I've been to Betty's many times, it's very good but, the breakfasts can sometimes be inconsistant. I wouldn't got as far as saying it's the 'best' on the seacoast, that's a lot of area!

        2. On your way back to Boston, try Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery on Rte. 1. Great lobster shack with hamburgers. For your evening in Portland, try any of the restaurants on Munjoy Hill. I second GLB and for me the food was surprisingly good and diverse for pub grub. In Freeport, check to see if the Harraskeet Lobster Shack is open. If it is, they also have burgers.

          1. Stopped in to Buck's Naked BBQ last trip to Freeport and I was not disappointed. If you are craving seafood head down to Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster. Not sure if it's open yet but it is one of my favorite stops in Maine.

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              Harraseeket isn't open until May 1st.

            2. A good breakfast place is Cole Rd Cafe in Biddeford. There specials are unique and if you like corn beef hash their's is really good especially the hash eggs benedict.

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                Start a little early and go a little more north and have breakfast at Mae's Cafe in Bath, the best sticky buns on earth and take some cinnamon bread for the road.....