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Apr 3, 2008 06:08 AM

Osaka Shabu opening in Fields Corner

I have been watching this space, formerly Chan O'Malleys (no kidding), under renovation for almost 2 years now. Finally, the sign went up last night. A "Japanese Grill and Hot Pot" restaurant called Osaka Shabu. No idea when they'll actually open or if they'll be any good, but it's exciting to see progress.

It's at 203 Adams Street, across the street from Pho 2000 and next door to Domino's.

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  1. Right across from some new place called D'Benny's, right? That's good news.

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    1. re: Guinness02122

      Yes that's where it is. And it's now open! I might try it this weekend and report back. I don't know how they're planning to attract business in this neighborhood.

    2. It is open and my wife and I ate there tonight. As far as shabu-shabu goes, this one is as good as any other in the Boston area. The great news is that it is in Dorchester, adding to dinning options for those of us that live here. They offer a decent selection of shabu-shabu courses. The vegetables were fresh and plentiful. The service was attentive and very nice. The interior is newly renovated and still waiting to be fully decorated. If only they would add a sushi bar it would be close to perfect.

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        It opened Sunday and husband and I ate there Monday and would agree 100% with Chris M. We also thought it was a good value and were stuffed by the time we ate every scrap of food.

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          great to hear! at least we're getting a sushi place on dot ave in the near future:

          "Nash's Pub will shed its Irish d├ęcor and take on a new identity as a sports and sushi bar called Van's"

          not so sure about "sports and sushi" but i'm willing to give it a shot.

            1. re: DotDiner

              I think the "sports" part is the new owners trying to keep a casual feel, to fit in with the Dot restaurant culture -- Blarney Stone, Ashmont Grill, Donovans, Banshee all have TV's showing sports over the bars. Only dBar and 224 Boston abstain. I think the press they've gotten has made it seem weirder than it is. I can't wait to see the menu, and to be able to eat sushi in my zip code!

              1. re: SpicyTea

                dBar has a TV over the bar. I've watched the Celtic and Sox on it. Except on Tuesday nights when it switches over to show tune singalong around 9. Love the chicken under a brick.

          1. Thanks to reading about it on this board, went this weekend for dinner. So happy to report a hearty thumbs up. I really hope this place lasts as it's a welcome change from the bevy of pizza shops and irish pubs that line Dot Ave. A few tips - you can BYOB but ask first (they told us to keep the bottles hidden in their bags!). In the evenings there's free parking next door at the Citizen's Bank. For those hotpot newbies, beware using your chopsticks on the uncooked food and in the hotpot broth itself. Bad ettiquitte!

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            1. re: fanonscudder

              My wife and I went yesterday afternoon. I wish I knew it was bad etiquette to use the chopsticks like that before we went. How are you expected to pick the raw meat up to cook it? with your fingers??

              But we thought it was great. A lot of fun once we got the hang of it, and look forward to going there many times. They are very patient with the newbies, like ourselves, who have never been to a Hot Pot before. Don't feel intimidated by a new experience.

              And I think it was the owner that came over at the end and said thank you for coming, how was everything, etc, etc. In other words, the customer service was on top of everything.

              One last thing, it appears there is a free public parking lot up Adams Street, on the left, just after Arcadia Street.

              1. re: yerffej

                we went as well over the weekend. i'm so glad people are checking the place out. when we were there, it was about 75 percent full.

                we had been to little q hot pot before, so we thought we knew what we were doing. but after a few minutes the manager came over and gave us some "pointers." turned out we were doing everything wrong. i'm so glad he helped us out. i used the chopsticks for almost everything and he didn't correct me. there were a lot of different tools.

            2. Things are really starting to happen in Dorchester, aren't they? If anyone is looking for updates on Dorchester restaurants (and anything else related to Dorchester), this site is a good one, though granted it covers only Lower Dorchester:


              1. We went this past weekend too and will be back! Great food and top notch service. The waiter took the time to explain the concept and how we should cook the food. We ordered "Surf'n'Turf" which was seafood and a choice of one meat. This consisted of salmon, cod, shrimp, scallops and fish cake and we choose a side of pork-which was 8 slices of thinly sliced pork. We choose two broths: house and schezuan. The whole thing came with a huge plate of vegs, udon noodles and even some vermecilli. Plus there were side dishes of garlic, hot peppers, asian BBQ and soy sauce to make your own dipping sauce.

                We didn't realize there was a la carte until after so then we ordered a side of dumplings to cook too. The entire check (we also got gyoza to start) was $31!! And they brought out a complimentary dessert of tapioca pudding with toro root-very cooling after the spicey schezuan.

                They also had oysters which surrounding tables were eating, but we were too full, next time though!!