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Apr 3, 2008 06:05 AM

14th street dining after Cork

We are finally making it to Cork tomorrow for the first time for happy hour. Hubby isn't into 'small plates' for dinner so we will have some wine & cheese at Cork and then hopefully walk elsewhere to dinner.
Problem is, as familiar as i am with most parts of DC, this area is unknown to me. Can anyone suggest a nice dining spot (where people are dressed business casual or better) with good service, good food and a nice atmosphere? Price isn't an issue, and am open to any type of cuisines. Oh and we have to be able to get a table for 2 at about 7 tomorrow night -- at this late date... :)

Any suggestions appreciated!!

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  1. Rice, Marvin, Al Crostino, Creme, Ulah

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      The more I think about this, the more you should try to convince Mr. DCDOLL to eat at Cork. The food there is "smaller plates" but not really tapas. They are just smaller portions. From the few things I have tried, Cork's food is really simple and great. Your husband can easily make a more traditional meal. Salad to start, duck confit, chicken, or steak as a main, and a side of potato and leak puree or fries. That would be a great manly, no small plates meal for me.

    2. I agree with the above options, but would actually suggest you check out the menu and what people are ordering at Cork once you get there! The dishes are actually quite large, and I would call some of them more "deconstructed mains" than small plates. The chicken and steak dishes, for instance, are full cuts of meat, but they just lack the sides. Which you then order separately. Like the potato leek gratin, or the frites. And all are delicious! If, of course, you can convince him of this! :o) Also, close by, I would check out any of the Ethiopian places. It's not really that far of a walk.

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          Hahaha... same thing posted at about the same time... great minds think alike.

        2. re: food.fiend

          Thanks -- i'm sure we'll look at the menu when we get our cheese! I would just as soon stay put (i love small plates!) but may get a res at Al Crostino or Ulah just in case. I would love to do Ethiopian but our last foray to a place where you didn't get silverwear (Moroccan) left him a little horrified... :)

        3. Haven't been to all the possible and appropriate places, but stopped into Creme Friday night last week, just for dessert at the bar (I've had dinner there and liked it a lot) -- and they're really really nice so I think you'd like the service. Diners were generally well-dressed. It is a small place though.

          I saw a long line at Marvin the same night (haven't been there).

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            Agreed. The service at Creme is top notch! We had a delicious meal there a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we didn't have any room for dessert. Which is a shame because their coconut cake looked amazing!

            1. re: dckw

              It is! To me coconut cake always looks good, but this one tastes as good as it looks.

              And I also appreciated how nice they were about finding us space at the bar when we were only going to share a couple desserts and coffee, and they were pretty crowded. Go back sometime just for the cake!

              1. re: mselectra

                Hey all,
                What we ended up doing was going to Vinoteca for wine and dinner! i let hubby choose for a change. He picked it due to extreme convenience to metro! So we got there about 5:15 and were only the 2nd patrons to arrive. Selection BTG is great...and they do the temp controlled wine unit which is awesome. Happy hour is now on friday too so they have a ton of BTG selections for $5 and alot of things for happy hour eats too. We had a couple glasses and some really good cheese & proscuitto and then went to our postage stamp sized table in the main DR. It was 6:30 by this time and teh bar was an absolute madhouse! i expected that and it was fine. So the table service was a little spotty; and as i said the table was incredibly tiny and we were of course smashed right next to another close i heard one of the people say, as our appetizers arrived: Oh the onion soup smells really good! THATS close! Anyway i had the mesclun salad app, he had onion soup. Both were acceptable. Then i had the shrimp & grits app for my entree; he had coq au vin. Again, both were decent, not outstanding. The grits were extremely spicy but nothing mentioned that on the menu. The problem was getting the server to come back with glasses we'd ordered to go w/ each course. I ended up drinking my sauv blanc long after the shrimp were history.
                Bottom line: We would go back for wine & cheese IF we are in the area (unlikely) again; we would NOT eat there.

                BTW we ended up unexpectedly at Grapeseed for happy hour yesterday and though we've done wine there many times, ended up sitting at the bar for dinner. it was GREAT! The wines by the half pour and pour are quite good (spendy tho) and again, kept in a temp controlled unit. I had a mexican posada soup for my app (delicious, a little spicy, with avacado and hominy in a broth) and he had BBQ shrimp and grits which he raved over (he said it was way better than what i had at Vinoteca) and his filet entree was tender and flavorful. I had the fontina & veal meatball app for my entree; they were delicious (3 med sized balls) with a yummy tomato sauce and sitting on little squares of polenta. Food, wine & service all rocked. The food is spendy as is the wine but you generally get what you pay for!