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Apr 3, 2008 05:31 AM

New Persian restaurant in south London

It's on the Wandsworth one-way system and traffic thunders past, but it was the most interesting food I've had in some time. And admirably cheap. Our starter, kasheke bademjan, was mashed grilled aubergine with fried mint sauce, a mysterious yogurt-like slick called kashk, chopped walnuts and lots of garlic. Morasa polo was chicken (not wonderful) in a light tomatoey sauce with superb rice scattered copiously with currants, pistachioes and three-day orange peel. Chelo koresh was less successful.

It's BYO, always a good thing. Our meal for two, including £1 a head corkage, came to £20.

I worry for them; we were the only people there on Tuesday night and today they are closed because the chef is in hospital. Hurry to eat there!

Mary's Restaurant, 16a Fairfield Street, SW18 1DY. Wandsworth Town is the nearest train station and there are buses.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the tip - I actually saw this place when I went past it on the one way system yesterday and I thought that it has to be tried out. Sounds like a bit of an unusual mix of food!

    Since you eat in Wandsworth, have you tried Little Bay (down near the round about)? I have been meaning to get there for a look as it sounds like a simple cheap eat. Would be curious to know if it worth the visit as we are spoilt for choice in Wandsworth!

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      I haven't tried Little Bay but a friend has and said that cheapness was really the only thing going for it.
      I take it you know Brady's fish & chips in Old York Road?