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Apr 3, 2008 05:21 AM

Seasonal Organic Restaurants...

Flying Pig, Blue Hill at Stone Barns and the closed Bloom championed this style. Now that we are down to two; Flying Pig getting very mixed reviews and BHSB's price point, where can an organic lover eat?

I don't mean that a restaurant has organic greens or a free-range chicken entree. I mean devoted to being organic/local.

As a side note, can be place a moratorium on the word "foodie?" Please?

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  1. Better yet: a moratorium on the word "amazing."

    Does Karma Road in New Paltz meet your standard? It's just a casual little joint but the food is good (albeit a little overpriced) and the people are friendly.

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      Where is New Paltz? I am looking mainly in Westchester. Thanks.